Software Marketing Tweetables 9 July 2012

Catch up on last week’s favourite articles featuring useful insights and tips for marketing your software

5 Articles on Product Marketing

A Product Launch Disaster in Front of Millions

Apple always makes product launches look sooo easy. For everyone else, the best approach is to launch slowly, steadedly, gradually – when you know it is working and which messages/channels are proving most effective then apply the rocket fuel.

Your First Question is Usually Wrong

Survey forms and especially lead generation forms often ask dumb questions. Asking indirect questions hoping that you can infer data – reduces your data quality and fools no-one.

PowerPoint, Memory and Visual Storytelling

PowerPoint, famously, makes it easy to create awful presentations. It supports great presentations just as well. It is up to the presenter. One way to get out of the PowerPoint rut is to use an entirely different medium – even dance!

Lean Startup Machine: News International

News International are using Lean Startup framework to develop successful products faster. Starting with #1 lesson test customers will buy, before you build.

Product Prioritisation 101

A systematic examination of product priortization. Taking into account large company vs startup, weighting against KPIs, splitting out minor work, and time boxing.

5 Articles on Startups

Guest Post: Lean Product Development In A Traditional Industry

Eric Ries’ evangelism for Lean Startup is spreading far and wide. Even to insurance, one of the most conservative and regulated industries. Read how Tom Layfield has started conducting real Lean Startup experiments in insurance.

It’s 2012, Why Aren’t You Using These Hacks In Your App?

For a SaaS startup, you have the opportunity to build in methods to sign up more users and learn from them directly into your product. Don’t just focus on what your product does, include chat, helping failed signups, test groups, user data, alerts…

Keys to Boostrapping Your Startup.

“To reach profitability, you must have a deep understanding of the business. You are likely resource constrained – so each task, priority and function comes at the expense of something else. It is a constant balancing act.”

12 Rules For Building Your First Profitable Startup

Excellent practical advice for anyone starting out on a startup journey. If you’re serious about startups, they have to be profitable. 12 rules to keep you on the profitable route.

Apple’s Minimum Viable Product

Earliest Apple computer, was basically a circuit board. The unboxing experience has certainly moved on. If Apple, the pinnacle of polished design, can start with a product this basic – so can you.

5 Articles on Software Marketing

Link Building Secrets – Post Panda and Penguin

Link building need not mean spamming link exchange requests, forums, and blog comments. Great content is ultimately the best link magnet, but to help prime the pump Gregory Smith share several useful tips to try out.

The Fastest Way to a First-Page Google Ranking

Video is becoming more and more important as a content medium. Not only is video more engaging and memorable but it carries significant weight for SEO ranking and stands out in reach results.

A Cheat Sheet for Optimizing Your WordPress Blog for Search Engines… Without Cheating

WordPress sites come with several features to support search engine optimization. But there are a few easy steps to improve your SEO from the outset 1) simplify your permalink structure 2) use an SEO plugin.

Top 47 Content Marketers & Strategists on Twitter

A list of 37 (now 47) people to follow on Twitter who focus on content marketing.

How to Create a Total Online Presence When You Really Don’t Have the Time

The big drawback with social media is the time it takes. Newcomers may be afraid that it is a never-ending black hole that sucks all their time away. Tips here will help you get started and optimize your time.

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