Software Marketing Tweetables 9 September 2013

Catch up on last week’s favourite articles featuring useful insights and tips for marketing your software

5 Articles on Product Marketing

How to Properly Increase Your Software Pricing

Price increases can cause customer backlash unless you: price based on value, set clear expectations, provide notice and explanations.

Pricing Your Product: How to Discover What to Charge in Customer Development

Use customer development to understand how to structure your pricing and what level to set. Don’t waste time asking “what would you pay?” Ask what they pay now and why. Test later by asking them to actually pay.

Dark Patterns: inside the interfaces designed to trick you

Sleazy marketers trick you into signing up for email updates by using double negatives and weasel words. I can’t see how annoying your customers and damaging your brand helps your marketing.

Deadly Conversion Rate Optimization Mistakes that Marketers Make

There are hundreds of conversion rates studies that focus on the impact of trivial changes like the colour of a button. Forget that. Focus on delvering the right message first – why people buy. Every change you make you be testing a hypothesis you formed from observataion – not random flailing.

Picking your Pricing Model

If you’re targetting large enterprises, low pricing could lose you sales. Be clear who is buying and the value they get. Enterprises expect higher prices and better service – an account manager.

5 Articles on Startups

A Content Marketing Planning Template for Startups

Don’t generate content randomly. Start with a simple strategy based on buying stages, the main issues at each stage, and involve your sales experts from the start.

How Paypal and Reddit faked their way to traction

Break through marketplaces’ “chicken and egg” situation. Artificially create the initial supply or demand so there is a reason for buyers / sellers to sign up.

14 essential tools every lean startup can’t live without

Collection of well-know popular tools used by startups.

Asking customers what you want to hear

Confirmation bias is real – you are far more likely to find “evidence” that supports your theory. Apply the scientific method and design impartial experiments.

Why you should ignore startup failure stats

Yes, most startups “fail”. But that’s based on a fallacy that anything bar a mult-million acquisition is a failure. A steady business that real customers pay money for is not a failure. Trying an idea and learning what works is not a failure. Invest in yourself, go for it, start up your own startup now.

5 Articles on Software Marketing

The Definitive Guide to Growth Hacking

If you want to learn about growth hacking here’s a great resource. Easy to read but long – you may want to just read a chapter at a time.

14 Social Media Tools Used by Marketing Pros

Lots of interesting tools around social media covering analytics, researching leads, co-ordinating many employees, finding content…

Using In-App Messages to Get More Social Media Followers

Using your own app to encourage social media mention, likes… has 3 benefits 1) increased audience and credibility 2) you have some control over the message 3) by asking for a small commitment (micro conversion) you’re increasing the likelihood they’ll buy later.

How to Write Landing Page Copy That Converts

The key to a landing page is thinking 100% about your customer, never your product features. What is the problem they’re trying to solve, why do they need something. Keep it clear and simple.

If you don’t think you need it, you haven’t seen greatness

Don’t need a lawyer, a designer, a support specialist, pre-sales, product marketer… ? You’re almost always under-valuing the value that these specialists can bring. This may be because you don’t really understand what they do or could be you’ve not worked with a great practioner yet?

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