Software Marketing Tweetables 9 January 2012

Catch up on last week’s favourite articles featuring useful insights and tips for marketing your software

5 Articles on Product Marketing

Fab 5 Product Marketing Blogs (2012 Edition)

5 of the top blogs on software marketing, specifically product marketing. All worth subscribing to.

Fab 5 Product Marketing Blogs #ProdMktg

Whole Product: More than a ‘Great Product’

Product management and product marketing are probably misnamed. Look beyond the immediate confines of your product. Make the whole customer experience great, from marketing, to community, to packaging, support…

‘Great Product’ isn’t enough #ProdMktg

Why Product Managers Need To Learn How To Do Visioning

It can be really hard for a product manager to find time to think strategically. The new year is a great time to stand back and think about a vision for the future of your products and how customers benefit.

Visioning for a Product Manager #ProdMktg

Stop Designing Pages And Start Designing Flows

Marketing builds web pages for a purpose. We want people to do something. Work with your designer on the whole flow, not just a page in isolation.

Why Design and ProdMktg Must Work Together on Customer Flows not Web Pages #ProdMktg

Is Your Product Viable?

Is your software a nice-to-have? Decide whether it’s like a treat or something healthy – it will help your marketing strategy.

Great Candy / Vitamin Analogy for nice-to-have Products #ProdMktg

5 Articles on Startups

5 Easy Ways to Increase Conversions on Your “Coming Soon” Landing Page

There has been an explosion of coming soon launch pages. Great tips for how to grab attention and convince people to subscribe.

Great Examples/Ideas for Startup PreLaunch Pages #Startup

Lean Startup: Look Before You Leap

Great summary of Lean Startup book. Including how you can evaluate demand for a product *before* building it.

Learning from @ericries Why a Startup Should Build After Demand Proven #Startup

Useful tools for [tech] startups

A compilation of tools and sites to help a startup. Compiled by a startup founder.

Very Useful Collection of Tools for a Startup – organized by phase [Google Doc] #Startup

Pitching to Bloggers (and Journalists) – Tips for Startups

The excellent April Dunford describes how to cultivate relationships for PR and how launches should be part of a process not a one-off event.

Typical Startup Approach to PR is all Wrong. Learn from @aprildunford for Successful Launch #Startup

Should You Give Away Your Product?

The freemium model has been blamed for many startup failures, but it can work e.g. YouSendIt.

YouSendIt CEO @ivankoon on How to Make Freemium Model Work #Startup

5 Articles on Software Marketing

Software Product Marketing That Works (Part 4)

Focus software product marketing on customer benefits. Customers don’t care about everything your software does. They just want to know how it will benefit them

No One Cares About Your Software #Software #Marketing

Content Marketing Storytelling: Secrets from the Big Screen

Using classical story structures, as developed in Ancient Greece and perfected for the movies, will help your marketing to be more engaging.

Storytelling Techniques from Homer to Hollywood applied to B2B Marketing #Software #Marketing

10 Reasons You’re Not Hitting Your Leads Goal This Month

Great list for anyone new to lead generation. And a useful checklist for the experienced hands.

10 Reminders for LeadGen #Software #Marketing

Critique: Increasing Your Conversion Rate (part I)

Peep Laja offered free reviews for websites before Christmas. The reviews are an extremely useful way to pick up tips to improve the effectiveness of your website.

Critique of Websites & How to Improve #Software #Marketing

Nimble Social CRM Platform

Nimble is a light online CRM that integrates email, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook. Personal accounts are free.

Trying Nimble looks like a great CRM for Social Media (free for 1 user) #Software #Marketing

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