Software Marketing Tweetables 8 October 2012

Catch up on last week’s favourite articles featuring useful insights and tips for marketing your software

5 Articles on Product Marketing

Lost a Deal? Wake up and smell the roses.

Lost deals are usually a blame game. Usually the customer is blamed – but never the sales team. Lost deal can be opportunities- ask the customer why and check back to see how it is going. That competitor is probably better than you think. Look at qualifying, should anything have been done better. Should fewer resources been thrown on this deal? And yes get over it. You are not going to win 100%

Why I started learning code: a marketer’s perspective

Understanding technology is a major asset for any marketer. You need a minimum level to have any credibility with engineering / product management. It also provides insight into how your customers will benefit from the technology. Any marketer that cannot use and demo their own software is at a severe disadvantage.

The Perfect Landing Page Recipe

There are lots of posts on landing page best practices. This is one of the best, great content – although making it an infographic does not really add anything.

Don’t Use Automatic Image Sliders or Carousels, Ignore the Fad

Image sliders / carousels used to be impressive, they seemed to by a great way to look “cool” and highlight multiple features. Just like flashing text, animated gifs and Flash – they are difficult to use, distracting, and reduce focus. And yes, they will be coming down from this site.

Henry Ford, Innovation, and That “Faster Horse” Quote

“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” was probably never said by Henry Ford. It’s a lazy way to justify not researching what customers want. Sure, you don’t ask customers to design your solution but they are the experts on the problem. Customer development is always more effective than ivory tower development.

5 Articles on Startups

A Beginner’s Guide To Public Relations For Tech Startups

PR for a tech startup is not just getting coverage in TechCrunch. In fact many startups find that while a surge from TechCrunch is great for morale it does not translate into long-term users. Tips on how to establish Press Relations with long-term value.

Divine Inspiration Fallacy

“For many first time entrepreneurs, it is easy to think that you uniquely have had a one-of-a-kind product idea… Invest in growth once you have external evidence that something is working. Before that time, keep as small of an overhead footprint as possible.”

Essential Customer Development skills – Softball, Anchor and Deflection questions

Customer development interviewing is a skill that requires practice. Salim Virani is an expert and use 3 types of questions to keep the interview on track.

3 Ways to Think About Sales in your Startup #TMUguru

Scott Schnaars on sales thinking for a startup: 1) Not Freemium 2) Educate on value 3) Disqualify quickly.

How To Convince Fortune 500 Companies To Use Your Tiny, Insignificant Startup

For a startup wanting to sell to a large enterprise start with a little guy. Then work up the food chain, learning and developing credibility as you go.

5 Articles on Software Marketing

Social Login Buttons Aren’t Worth It

Great post by MailChimp on the pros / cons of using Facebook / Twitter as a login alternative for your SaaS application. It may be easier for some people, but it is also distracting. Worth testing and analyzing real data for your app.

B2B Startup Marketing | Blog Your Way to Leads

“Instead of waiting three months for results as you write and rewrite that magnum opus whitepaper or produce that expensive viral video, you can be generating leads today through SEO and social media with the half-baked ideas on your B2B startup marketing blog”

Weighting Keyword Metrics For Account Efficiency

You want to find keywords that have high traffic and low cost per click. To get the best of both worlds use this Excel tip to rank keyboard according to both criteria.

Advertising is Dying. Long Live Design.

George Prest advocates design as product companies returning to their roots in personal customer service. But remember marketing is a lot more than just advertising.

The Rise of Enterprise Marketing

In the enterprise space, all deals used to be based on lengthy complex sales cycles. Vendors can no longer control the flow of information on their products. Corporate IT departments can no longer keep central control on software purchases. The corollary of the consumerization of IT purchasing is that marketing has overtaken the importance of sales teams.

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