Software Marketing Tweetables 7 October 2013

Catch up on last week’s favourite articles featuring useful insights and tips for marketing your software

5 Articles on Product Marketing

The Rise of the Social Business Software Buyer

B2B software vendors used to hide most info from buyers. You could only see a demo, have a trial, learn the price at carefully controlled points in the sales process. Customer reviews are the final piece in the jigsaw. In a perfect market buyers have 100% visibility.

How Shortcuts Turned Writely Into Google Docs

When you decide to build, build fast. Don’t perfect or engineer it. Take shortcuts, but don’t scrimp on backups or security.

User-centric vs. Maker-centric Language: 3 Essential Guidelines

Small business marketing has dramatically improved its use of design and social media, but copywriting has a long way to go. Stuffy, boring, marketing hyperbole confuses customers and undermines your brand image.

Don’t fixate on your first feature: Avoiding premature optimization

“Don’t prematurely optimize the first couple of features you build. Get them to be good enough and keep an eye on the big picture by making sure you know what metrics matter for your business, by talking to your customers, and by learning from your failures.”

How to build great products

Some product features are like hygiene, people will never chose a product for that feature but without it they’ll never buy. You have to build them even be in the market. Look for the wow features that people will love with a passion and change the game.

5 Articles on Startups

Marketing First, Product Second: 5 Contrarian Ideas For Building A Better Startup

SEO guru, Rand Fishkin shares smart tips that will be counter-intuitive to most startup founders who focus on the technology. We know what we’re good at, what we like so we overvalue those activities and avoid the rest. Successful founders embrace new challenges and focus on what’s needed.

A SaaS Startup’s Journey to $100,000 a Month

There are so many stories about startup success that have been written afterwards with 20:20 hindsight. They always make it seem too easy, too obvious. Read Groove’s story as they transparently share data as they strive towards $100k/mo.

39 Actionable Growth Hacking Tactics Part 5/5 – Revenue Hacks

Last in’s growth hacking series. Focusing on increasing revenue: how to increase prices, upsell… Switching people to an annual plan has massively improved cash flow for many startups.

How to get your first 10 customers

The easiest ways to get new customers (AdWords, Twitter, forums…) involve sitting behind a keyboard. But you need to *talk* to customers to learn… what they want, why they buy, where the value is, how to make your product more valuable.

Why you should blog before you build your startup

While blogging is not as useful as talking to real customers, it’s the surest way to build up an audience, establish credibility, and discover whether people care about a topic.

5 Articles on Software Marketing

How we tripled our revenue by adding one button

Marketing apps is incredibly hard. Prices are ridiculously cheap and there’s very little direct interaction with customers. But still really understanding your customers, what motivates them is the key.

Six Visual Solutions To Complex Digital Marketing/Analytics Challenges

Google Analytics guru, Avinash Kaushik uses Venn diagrams to illustrate what most companies do wrong with their content marketing.

Startup Marketing Strategy With SEO As Its Core

Content marketing should probably form the core of most software companies marketing – especially if their budgets are restricted.

MTurk + Google News API = Press

But when you have your product nailed and colid content marketing in place, then you can plan a big PR push. The recommended route is to build up PR contacts over time, learn about them, nurture… Here’s an alternative route where you can use your coding skills to grab journalists’ email addresses.

10 Free Design Tools for Creating Stunning Visual Content

For when you can’t afford a designer here are some free tools that can help when you need some images.

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