Software Marketing Tweetables 6 May 2013

Catch up on last week’s favourite articles featuring useful insights and tips for marketing your software

5 Articles on Product Marketing

An introduction to Scrum.

Excellent animated explainer video shows the main elements of Scrum – the agile methodology that is widely used to “manage” software development.

When Should You Reveal Price?

If you lead with price you’re positioning your product as a commodity. So you should only discuss prices after the value is established. Well that’s the theory – but reality for many online product is that customers want to know price before even considering your solution.

The Few Sentences You Need to Dominate Your Market

People often struggle with value propositions. The formal definitions are not helpful. Value propositions are easier to understand by seeing examples and trying to write your own.

Three Simple Tricks To Turn Your Free Customers Into Paying Customers

The freemium model has fallen out of fashion lately. It was probably over-hyped like most “new” marketing tactics. Just like paid services, freemium depends on customers realizing benefits and value that outweigh the total costs.

7 Landing Page Tests You Can Run Tomorrow!

Quick reminder of the main elements to test on landing pages.

5 Articles on Startups

How to radically simplify your user interface

Simplify, simplify and simplify again. Don’t present complex interfaces to people – just because there is a complex data model behind the scenes. Strip elements away and make it easy for people.

Lean Product Testing with Angular.js by BRANDiD

Before building a new feature, test whether people will use it by making a fake button and counting who presses it.

An idea for non-technical co-founders: try a service-first business

In most businesses, technology is not required to serve your first customer – it only becomes essential as you scale. So prove your business first manually, then write code to automate the process.

Bootstrapped CPC rule of thumb: MRR/25

How much should you pay for a click? If you assume 1) an average customer pays for 20 months of your service 2) you don’t want to pay more than 20% of that to acquire a customer 3) a 1% click to signups conversion rate. That works out to a maximum cost per click of 4% of your monthly charge.

If You Don’t Like Drunk Frat Boys, Don’t Open an Irish Pub…

Great 45 mins. talk by Amy Hoy. Entertaining and educational. Do everything you can to really understand your customer.

5 Articles on Software Marketing

The “Above the Fold” Myth Debunked

In most cases you don’t need to keep your primary call to action at the top. People scroll and need to read before proceeding. Keeping the CTA visible wherever you scroll may work better – it’s worth testing.

Eight Silly Data Myths Marketing People Believe That Get Them Fired.

Web analytics data is complex. It can be worse to only understand part of the story. If you have heard some universal marketing “truth” about web metrics it is probably a myth.

Informly brings content marketing analytics to small business [PRESS RELEASE]

Informly just launched – it’s a new online service providing content marketing analytics for small businesses.

My 40 Best Email Marketing Resources

Email has always been an essential tool for marketers. April Dunford has collated a very useful colection of articles that cover segmentation, deliverability, design, content ideas, list building, metrics…

Legacy IT Vendors Shoot The Sales Messenger

When software vendors start blaming sales that’s an early warning. When that happens across the software industry – be warned major disruption is coming.

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