Software Marketing Tweetables 6 February 2012

Catch up on last week’s favourite articles featuring useful insights and tips for marketing your software

5 Articles on Product Marketing

Does your startup need a Product Manager?

In startups, a succinct explanation of what a PM does is to translate the product vision into an actual execution plan by delivering the right features at the right time.

When Should a Startup Hire a Product Manager? #ProdMktg

Not Your Average Product Marketing Video

A high-end men’s store based in SF, was looking to push the envelope and develop product driven videos… Rather than the standard “look at all these great features” approach they wanted to show prospective customers how to properly use and integrate each item into their daily life.

Product Marketing Videos for Men « Never thought I’d say that! #ProdMktg

Product Marketing Is Dead. Long Live Product Marketing!

As marketing matures and prospects are in control, marketing has to seriously up its game.

Product Marketing Is Dead. Long Live Product Marketing #ProdMktg

HBR Blog Network

While events are unfolding in the world at an accelerating pace, increasingly complex institutions are less and less able to deal with them.

Apple has only about 60 products #ProdMktg

Competitive Analysis

A product manager shares his tricks on how to assemble the best competitive information.

Competitive Analysis, a primer #ProdMktg

5 Articles on Startups

How Google Maintains Innovation Despite Its Size

How to foster and grow innovation from within your organization. Dan Cristo recommends enterprises run their own hackathons.

How Can Google Still Innovate Like A Startup? #Startup

Visual Website Optimizer

How does a solo entrepreneur in India bootstrap a profitable company with about 1,000 paying customers?

Great Startup Story @wingify Developer in India Builds Self-Service AB Testing for Marketing #Startup

Stop Validating Your Product

If you figure out your problems and your market before you come up with an Idea or a Solution or a Product, then when you do build something, you’ve already done a huge amount of the work in figuring out if anybody’s going to use it.

Excellent Article by @lauraklein on Why a LeanStartup Should Not Be Validating Product #Startup

Exit Interview: The creators of no-longer-with-us products explain what went wrong

Find out why Verifiable, Wesabe, Storytlr, TwitApps, Vox, Swivel, and EventVue all shut down.

Startup Failures. Founders Explain Why #Startup

The Hacker Way

Eric Ries admires Mark Zuckerberg’s courage to launch a simple, useful app in a week, celebrate his first 900 customers, and – for eight straight years – insist on iterating, executing, and building for the long-term.

Facebook: The Hacker Way #Startup

5 Articles on Software Marketing

The Art of Data-Driven Marketing

Marketing is an art. But, there is a science behind marketing and that is where Data-Driven Marketing comes in.

The Art of Data-Driven Marketing #Software #Marketing

Why pushing won’t be the future of selling – Or the fire of transformation

The world has changed. Technology changed not only the buyer’s behavior fundamentally. We are now in a customer market. Buyers only talk to vendors when they are a long way into their purchasing process.

Marketing has to Switch from Push to Pull. And so does Sales #Software #Marketing

53 Ways to Increase Conversion Rate

53 ways to increase conversion rate, each with an example showing how somebody did it.

53 Ways to Increase Conversion Rate #Software #Marketing

35 Headache-Free Split Testing Resources to Increase Your Conversions and Sales

A long list of resources Ana Hoffman regularly refers to help her make the best use of her web traffic.

31 AB Testing Blogs + 4 AB Testing Tools #Software #Marketing

Google Analytics Tutorial: 8 Valuable Tips To Hustle With Data!

Avinash Kaushik describe 8 techniques in-depth for *really* digging into Google Analytics data.

Google Analytics Tutorial @avinash Seriously Digs into the Data #Software #Marketing

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