Software Marketing Tweetables 6 August 2012

Catch up on last week’s favourite articles featuring useful insights and tips for marketing your software

5 Articles on Product Marketing

How to Name a Product – Do This, Avoid That

Product naming is always tough. It’s so important to pick a name that will last, but you can’t spend a lot of time on it. Use this list of do’s and don’ts to quickly check you have considered the most important points.

Creating an Unforgettable Name

Sean Ellis acquired KISSinsights but had to change the name. Read how his team chose the name Qualaroo.

Freemium has run its course

The freemium model has fans and detractors. Rags Srinivasan presents well-considered arguments for both sides. Essentially it comes down to earning a sustainable income and delivering the right pricing model for customers.

10 Keys to Making an Entrepreneur Website Credible

Reminder of the basics for ensuring your website presents a credible image for your software.

50 Ways To Seduce Your Web Visitors With Persuasive Landing Pages

Massive list of product marketing examples, with beautiful images that grab attention, appeal, and help tell your product story.

5 Articles on Startups

Finding people to talk to

How do you find people to interview for customer development? Finding people on the street and tapping up your personal networks can only get you so far. Use Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and AdWords to expand your reach.

Business People Suck at Technology Startups

“The ideal technology startup is founded by three people: 1) CEO 2) Engineer 3) Designer. While the engineer and designer build the product, the CEO does everything else: raises funding, finds clients, finds users, does the accounting, the legal, and recruits talent.”

Lessons Learned Building a SaaS with WordPress

You can use WordPress as a foundation to build a complete SaaS product. It will get you to a solid start, but you have to compromise between customization and maintainability.

8 App-Builders for Small Business Owners

You can build your own apps. List of platforms for building Android and iPhone apps from drag and drop to more complex development.

Lead Developer to CTO

Being the first software engineer at a startup, does not mean you’re the ideal CTO. Usually you need a very different skillset.

5 Articles on Software Marketing

How Your Website’s Crappy Usability Is Costing You Sales

Improving how users “use” your website can increase sales and conversions faster than almost any other traffic generating initiative.

Growth Hacking, Email and Mullets

Email should be the most important communication mechanism for a startup, for marketing – customer acquisition and retention.

The Most Obvious Mobile Ad Unit and What the New York Times Got Wrong

You want to speak to customers, so instead of using mobile ads to drive people to your website, get them to call you direct. They are on a phone after all.

Compare UK Payment Gateways and Merchant Accounts

Useful site for UK companies dealing with online payments. Explains the main options available.

The Beginner’s Guide to Creating Landing Page Content that Sticks

For great landing page copy 1) Hook 2) Walk in their shoes 3) Product story 4) Be specific 5) Story archetype

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