Software Marketing Tweetables 5 March 2012

Catch up on last week’s favourite articles featuring useful insights and tips for marketing your software

5 Articles on Product Marketing

How did YOU get into Product Marketing?

There is no formal route into product marketing, several product marketers share their stories on how they got started.

How did you get into prodmktg or prodmgmt #ProdMktg

Software Product Marketing That Works (Part 6)

My latest blog post, on marketing budgets, how big they should be and which types of marketing investment are the most effective.

Software ProdMktg That Works (Pt 6) #ProdMktg

Flat Stanley Doesn’t Live Here

ebook by Jennifer Doctor “A real and practical starter guide for buyer personas”

Developing Buyer Personas for ProdMgmt and CustDev #ProdMktg

Steve Blank

Yes it’s important to listen to customers and understand what they want. But don’t go and build everything they ask for. Listen to learn, then apply your judgement to build and market what’s important for your business.

Goal of listening to customers is not please every one of them #ProdMktg

Add value or get out of the way!

Saaed Khan explains his rule “If I’m not adding value to a situation or process, then I have no business being a part of that situation or process.”

Add value or get out of the way! #ProdMktg

5 Articles on Startups

Why Lean Canvas?

Ash Maurya describes his “Lean Canvas” and why it is more useful for a startup than Alex Osterwalder’s Business Model Canvas.

Why Lean Canvas? #Startup

Chasing Problems?

It’s great to be solving customer problems. But if you react to every criticism by building new features your product will become bloated and less useful.

Why Problem Solving Can Be Disasterous for a Startup #Startup

Do you know where Your Market is on the Awareness Ladder?

Lincoln Murphy has a whole series of articles with advice for SaaS / Startups on pricing and converting free > paid customers.

Useful Resources: SaaS & Startup Pricing. Increase Free > Paid Conversions #Startup

Succeeding at the default metrics will kill you

Folks who know nothing about your business will evaluate it based on the default metrics: traffic & revenue. They will advise you to increase these 2 numbers. Accepting the default metrics is bad.

Why Watching Traffic Kills a Startup #Startup

How to Acquire a Domain Name (That Someone Already Owns)

So you want a domain name that’s already been taken. How much will it cost to acquire? how do you go about it and not get ripped off? Advice from Julian Shapiro.

How to Acquire a Domain Name (That Someone Already Owns) #Startup

5 Articles on Software Marketing

Why You’re Going to Buy More Google AdWords [Chart]

Seeing which keywords visitors are using to find your website is extremely valuable. But Google has started to encrypt these for people signed into Google – meaning you’ll only get keywords for AdWords traffic, not unpaid search.

Advertising is not the only reason you will need to spend £$ on Adwords #Software #Marketing

8 Things That Grab and Hold Website Visitor’s Attention

Understanding how our brains work, helps create marketing that gets visitors’ attention. See how emotions, images, and numbers all help.

8 Things That Grab and Hold Website Visitor’s Attention #Software #Marketing

How to Get More Sign-Ups for Your Software Trials and Demos

Free trials are the norm now. To get people to take the trial you have to actively market the trial. It will not just sell itself.

Sell your Software Trials & Demos to Increase Sign-Ups #Software #Marketing

8 great reasons to use signup landing pages!

Signup landing pages were originally developed as a way to capture email addresses ahead of a product launch. But they can also be used for events, beta testing, mailing lists and more…

Alternative Ways You Can Use Signup Landing Pages #Software #Marketing

What is the Do Nothing Buyer Costing You?

Up to 60% of deals in sales pipelines are currently not being lost to the competition, but are being lost to the status quo – the do nothing buyer.

Your #1 Competitor is “Do Nothing” #Software #Marketing

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