Software Marketing Tweetables 4 March 2013

Catch up on last week’s favourite articles featuring useful insights and tips for marketing your software

5 Articles on Product Marketing

4 Steps to Launching a Successful Free Trial

Peter Cohen explains that driving people to your free trial and convincing them to sign up are not enough. You have to get them to really use your product and start that by making the first steps easy.

When Your Incentive System Backfires

Incenting your sales teams to change their behaviour for short-term gains can harm your business in the long-term. Typically customer satisfaction is the first victim.

How I increased sales 50% by adding extra price points

Just like supermarkets or airlines, software vendors should use multiple price points. Having economy, standard, and premium versions increases the average price and the number of sales. Andy Brice shares great advice on the best way to do this – add value.

Product Management 101: How To Be A Product Manager

What a Product Manager Does: 1) Identity a Need 2) Identify Customers 3) Create Product 4) Sell Product 5) Support Product

Don’t Make Your Users Feel Like Idiots

Assuming your customers understand your jargon makes you stupid – not them.

5 Articles on Startups

5 Famous MVP Examples

Don’t start by investing time and money building complex products. Create a minimum viable product (MVP) to test demand and even collect revenue before you build.

Email-First Startups

A less common approach to creating an MVP is using email as your solution. Sending a few individual emails is easy and can be automated if there is sufficient demand.

Startups: Get More Customers From Your Website by Understanding the Funnel

Apart from the simplest products, customers usually want time to decide. Marketers think of this buying process as a funnel. Trying to establish contact at the top and “nurturing” them as they learn more and eventually buy.

Payments Startups Stripe Launches Limited Beta For UK Payments, With Euros On The Way

Stripe is a very popular payment processor in US, taking on PayPal with fewer fees, no minimums… Beta has just started in UK.

3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Company’s Email Support

Email support is one the keys ways you can listen to customers and improve customer satifactions. Startups can provide much better support than large vendors.

5 Articles on Software Marketing

8 Ways to Influence and Work with Industry Analysts

Understand what makes industry analysts tick before you pitch – and you’re better off explaing and showing than pitching.

15 tools that reveal why potential customers abandon your website

Google Analytics tells you how many visitors come to a page, but not why they leave. A/B testing can give you more insight and so can heatmap, chat, survey, and feedback tools.

10 Tips for Time-Crunched Marketing

Quick ideas for small marketing activities you can complete in just a few minutes.

Matching Marketing Tactics to The Sales Funnel

A quick explanation of how different marketing disciplines map to the marketing funnel.

13 Costly Sales Messaging Mistakes

Classic messaging mistakes: self-focus, featuritis, weak call to action, and undifferentiated.

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