Software Marketing Tweetables 3 September 2012

Catch up on last week’s favourite articles featuring useful insights and tips for marketing your software

5 Articles on Product Marketing

Ten reasons to launch before you’re ready

Launch early to: find out what customers really want, keep focused, learn, and start marketing. “It’s usually a slow climb to success, and the sooner you get your idea out there the sooner you can begin that climb.”

When Freemium Fails

You can find many examples where freemium has been instrumental in a company’s success. But most times it does not lead to instant success. Freemium is not a universal panacea.

5 Lessons from 150 Startup Pitches

Almost all startup pitches make the same mistakes. Jason Cohen explains the main failure patterns he sees and how to fix. Very useful for anyone pitching software, whether startup or established enterprise.

A VC’s Perspective on Early Stage Tech Marketing and Sales

Brad Feld describes how tech company founders find marketing really hard. They should be the voice of the company, and be in front of customers. But they probably don’t have the right skills and it really tough to hire the right people.

How Do I Raise Prices?

If you have a SaaS business, you will need to increase subscription prices at some point. Most founders are scared they will lose many customers and generate bad will. Jason Cohen reveals the secret to increasing prices and making customers love you more.

5 Articles on Startups

10 common UX mistakes startups

User Experience expert, Laurence McCahill lists out the most frequent UX mistakes made by software companies. Remember your software is only part of the experience. Consider the entire experience – every interaction and spend as much time as possible with real users.

Funded startup vs Bootstrapped startup

Many startup founders dream of getting big funding. It may be the most obvious route, but there are many disadvantages. Jun Loayza has decided to bootstrap from now on. He’s in control and it will keep him disciplined.

What sorts of things can a non-technical cofounder do while the product is being developed?

Allow your technical co-founder to focus on writing code by doing the rest: customer development, marketing, research, operational / logistical tasks, pitches, assist product design, testing… There’s a lot to do.

Takeaways from three years of angel investing

Gabriel Weinberg started angel investing 3 years ago. It has worked well, but he has realized he will get more out of it if he can contribute to the companies he invests in. So from now on he will focus on local startups in the consumer space.

How mobile startups can iterate better, faster, stronger

Lean startup advocates gradual growth, rapid iterations, launch early and learn often. Leader boards and app review mechanisms in mobile app stores work against this, encouraging big launches of fully-baked products. Andrew Chen shares tips on how you can apply lean startup principles to mobile apps.

5 Articles on Software Marketing

Creating the Perfect LinkedIn Profile to Generate Leads

LinkedIn profiles rank well in search results, so it is worthwhile spending time crafting your profile for the leads you want and for SEO. Kristi Hines, as always, provides a great how-to guide.

PPC accounts for just 6% of total search clicks [infographic]

Detailed market research data on UK search traffic for June 2012 e.g. 1.4B searches by 28M people, females and older than 55 most likely to click on PPC.

33 Stats That Paint a Picture of the Future of Marketing

List of marketing factoids on social media, personalization, email, analytics, and mobile.

4 Blogging Tips to Double Your Site Traffic

Educating your company on blogging is not enough. To get them engaged: obtain executive buy-in, lower the bar for contributions, and have someone finish off raw content.

6 Reasons Why Blogs Produce More Leads

Blogs help you get more traffic and help establish credibility & authority when people get to your site. They can also be a valuable mechanism to get feedback and test out new ideas.

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