Software Marketing Tweetables 3 December 2012

Catch up on last week’s favourite articles featuring useful insights and tips for marketing your software

5 Articles on Product Marketing

Product Storytelling – Don’t Forget the Context

Joshua Duncan explains how effective marketing is much more than clever tactics in isolation. You need to be telling an entire story, and establish a context for your message. He uses an example where Microsoft fails to establish the right context.

10 Ways to Convert More Customers (using Psychology)

Understanding how humans make decisions, can help you attract, engage and convince.

Don’t Blindly Model Your SaaS Pricing on 37signals

Most people think of Software as a Service pricing having to be very cheap. Those expectations are set by companies with millions of users. You will probably need to charge a lot more – especially if you are selling B2B to enterprises.

6 steps to the perfect business pitch

A good pitch is just like any good presentation. It is an interesting story.

Are You a Painkiller or a Vitamin?

Thinking of your product as a painkiller or a vitamin is a useful analogy for developing product marketing messages. Should you be explaining why the “patient” would benefit from vitamins? or why they need to stock up painkillers or explaining they are suffering from pain now but just don’t know it.

5 Articles on Startups

Internet Business Models: Avoid Turning The Startup You Love Into The Hobby You Hate

“Internet startups can be categorised into three groups: product companies, marketplace companies, and content companies. Each group is naturally suited to a couple of different business models.” and without a sustainable business model, a startup is just a hobby.

The Secret to Winning a Start-up Competition

Pitching skills and charisma don’t win startup competitions. Solid, business-focussed ideas win competitions and more importantly succeed in the real world.

What If You Can’t Find Customers to Develop?

Kevin Dewalt has found that it is much harder to find customers for customer development than the experts would lead you to believe. He advises you not to do what he did, instead of ignoring the problem – work on it harder – find out why you can’t find them.

How To Apply Lean Startup To Mobile

Unlike a website a mobile app, has a significant deployment delay. It can weeks to iterate new versions through iTunes and Google Play stores.

Startups should think big and start small

James Yu commends startup entrepreneurs with grand visions but reminds them to “start small” so they can actually achieve something.

5 Articles on Software Marketing

34 SaaS Marketers Reveal What Inspires Them About Modern Marketing

Lots of great insight and tips from startup marketers enjoying modern marketing – online, data, testing, inbound, social…

4 Ways to Go From a Boring to Amazing Website

To take your website up to the next level try: animation, investing in design, video and going bold.

Why the Cost of Sales Gap is Shrinking between SaaS and Legacy Software Vendors

As enterprise SaaS products are maturing, their cost of sales is increasing. Traditional enterprise software vendors have had to adapt and so the two are beginning to converge.

Why I left consulting and joined a startup

“If you’re stuck in the consulting rut, consider joining a startup. Just like consulting firms, startups value smart, hardworking generalists who can learn quickly.”

Distill Your Message to as Few Words as Possible

Clarity trumps clever.

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