Software Marketing Tweetables 30 January 2012

Catch up on last week’s favourite articles featuring useful insights and tips for marketing your software

5 Articles on Product Marketing

The Rise of the Product Marketer

In most businesses there is a gap between marketing and product that must be filled. Product marketers are gap fillers. Smaller gaps are easier to fill. Chasms need experience of both sides and willingness to learn to straddle them.

there is a gap between marketing and product that must be filled #ProdMktg

How to Start Selling More – Now

Kristin Zhivago explains the benefits of using customer interviews to uncover what you need to do to sell more, and why you shouldn’t just rely on as A/B testing.

Using Customer Interviews to Learn How to Sell More #ProdMktg

Product Management Then and Now

Some product managers are still practicing the role as it used to be defined back in the PC era of technology. Marty Cagan use some exaggeration to highlight the differences “Old” Vs “New”.

Old Product Management Vs New #ProdMktg

Labcast: Startup Companies — What’s Your Message?

April Dunford is great marketer to learn from. This is a short audio interview on openview where she explain messaging for startups.

Startup Messaging with April Dunford [Podcast] #ProdMktg

Marketing Research Chart: Shrinking length of B2B sales cycles

As well as B2B deal sizes shrinking, the sales cycles are shortening according to MarketingSherpa’s B2B marketing benchmark report.

Shrinking length of B2B sales cycles #ProdMktg

5 Articles on Startups

The Introduction of Innovation Accounting – Part 2 is a startup in Ireland. Their CEO and founder describes how they applied Lean Startup principles (with some mentorship from Eric Ries) and how Innovation Accounting, strategy canvas, MVP testing do work in the real world.

Great real-life LeanStartup example. Innovation Accounting and MVP #Startup

Featured in Social Media

Nick Hughes, founder of Seconds advocates removing risk as key to startup success. Paradoxically, he recommends you actually reduce risk by taking five steps that appear risky. The hardest part is the first step, so he advises you don’t wait: Quit your job and start your startup.

5 Risky Startup Steps 1)Quit 2)UnFollow 3)Hire Strangers 4)Be Buggy 5)Form Board #Startup

Interview: Eric Ries, author of The Lean Startup

Eric Ries visited the UK in a whirlwind book tour giving several interviews, even meeting Prime Minister David Cameron. In this interview he presents a very approachable introduction to some of the lean startup principles.

Wired UK’s Interview with “Some Random Guy on the Internet” @EricRies #Startup

Startup Metrics in Plain English

Raymond Luk urges startup to keep their metrics simple and focus on: What is your core value proposition? How do you know people care? What’s the proof you’re delivering on your value proposition?

Startup Metrics in Plain English #Startup

The Lean Launchpad

The legendary Steve Blank has been a key figure in Silicon Valley’s success, many software companies have learnt how to successfully disrupt markets in his Stanford University courses by using Customer Discovery to really understand demand in a market. In February his 2012 class will be online and free.

Free Online Course from Stanford Prof. Steve Blank @sgblank. Learn CustDev LeanStartup #Startup

5 Articles on Software Marketing

International Distribution of Software Products

As you build your business, should you always focus on your home country before thinking international? Maybe you shouldn’t.

Should the UK be Your 2nd Software Market? #Software #Marketing

Start-up Marketing: Go Big or Grassroots?

With a $5,000 monthly budget, Buyosphere cofounder Tara Hunt has a dilemma. How would you spend it? Interview, test, analyze, repeat.

Don’t Go Big with Your Software Marketing Until Testing Proves it Works #Software #Marketing

How Savvy Is Your AdWords Account?

Once you have got the AdWords basics in place, these are next pieces that a PPC specialist would check.

How Savvy Is Your AdWords Account? #Software #Marketing

31 Fluffy Buzzwords Marketers Overuse and Abuse

As marketers we can be so full of ourselves, we can’t resist showing off and think that long words and cool phrases are impressive. They’re not. Avoid these 31 examples.

Marketing Fluff to Avoid #Software #Marketing

4 Ways Marketers Can Drive Revenue–And Prove It

Marketers need to both influence and track buying decisions as early as possible, in as many ways as possible.

Prove How Marketing Drives Revenue #Software #Marketing

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