Software Marketing Tweetables 3 June 2013

Catch up on last week’s favourite articles featuring useful insights and tips for marketing your software

5 Articles on Product Marketing

The Six Worst Decisions Sales VPs Make

Sales leaders learned how to sell to enterprises in a different era. Sales methodologies and technology will no longer drive success. Educating buyers via content marketing is essential.

Pricing Strategies: 13 Articles You Need to Read

Great list of useful articles on pricing experiments and pricing advice.

Four Pricing Principles to Never Forget

More pricing advice with an emphasis on setting prices for Software as a Service and startups.

An eBook pricing model that resulted in $100,000 in sales

Comparison of 3 authors’ pricing strategy – see how you can maximize revenue.

What is Product Marketing & Where Should It Live?

Product Marketing, the intersection of marketing and product teams is a discipline misunderstood by many marketers. It’s more important than ever to have strong overlap and alignment between product and marketing teams.

5 Articles on Startups

How Draft grew paying Customers by 200%

Draft used to send upsell messages to engaged freemium users as they were experiencing the value. Far more effective than competing for attention in crowded inboxes.

Problem, Revenue, Channel: The 3 Critical Startup Questions

Kevin DeWalt argues that all web and mobile startups have the same 3 core risks: 1) Does Your Product Solve a Real Problem? 2) Can You Get Paid to Solve the Problem? 3) Is there a Cost-Effective Way to Acquire Customers?

Google’s Dead-Simple Tool For Making UX Decisions: 2 Jars Of Marbles

Google has a strict set of 17 UX design principles. Any design changes must pass 3x more of these tests than fail.

Pick the right metric to incentivize the behavior you want

Be wary of setting metrics that just reward short-term results.

Startup Pricing: How to Manage Channel Conflict

Most startups have a top tier, where they negotiate terms for enterprises on a deal-by-deal basis. It’s important to include additional value (e.g. superior service) to avoid steep discounts as a commodity.

5 Articles on Software Marketing

The non-sleezy way to sell on forums

Forums are a great way to engage customers. You can sell “softly” if your provide value first.

How to Build a Strong A/B Testing Plan That Gets Results

Thorough explanation of A/B testing with a clear introduction, lots of detail, and a quick roundup of available tools.

21 Ways You’re Screwing Up Your Landing Pages (And What To Do About It)

Peep Laja regularly does great reviews of landing pages – tearing apart the mistakes that marketers keep making.

These 5 Steps Will Make Your Content Development a Breeze

Openview are keen advocates of content marketing. Kevin Cain advises understanding audience, planning, getting feedback, and repurposing content.

Three customer acquisition levers

Essentially marketing “just” has to work on 3 factors 1) customer acquisition cost 2) conversion rate and 3) transaction size.

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