Software Marketing Tweetables 2 December 2013

Catch up on last week’s favourite articles featuring useful insights and tips for marketing your software

5 Articles on Product Marketing

Chill With The Product, Bro.

If you’re an engineer who built a product no-one is using or a non-technical entrepreneur looking for a coder, stop focusing on the product. First, find demand and prove customers will pay.

Infographic: SaaS Operating Metrics Uncovered

Shows a sweet spot around $2-5M where economies of scale kick in. Provides banchmark figures on how much you should be spending on sales + marketing combined.

Top Predictions about Software Companies in 2014

Predictions on 2014 software industry show common belief that Google and Amazon are both still on the way up. Older pre-internet vendors are struggling to impress analysts and face challenges with large on-premise installed base and legacy technology e.g. Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP.

Case Study: How We Improved Landing Page Conversions by 79.3%

Great to see an A/B testing example where some tests fail to beat the control.

Why Does Tone of Voice Matter?

For most people, branding means logos and a visual identity. But it should include core beliefs and the copywriting equivalent to visual identity – tone of voice. Establishing a clear voice is essential for product marketers to establish a personality – a memorable brand.

5 Articles on Startups

You have 30 days to win a customer

Don’t just let your trial users, try your software out for 30-days. Develop a structured induction programme designed to get them to see real value. To do that you need to figure out what is the tipping point that makes users really experience the value.

How We Signed Up 4,400 B2B Customers in 30 days

How to use partnerships and product integration to reach broad audiences.

5 Founders Split $36K from $82M Startup Exit

VC funding and bootstrapping both have their advantages and pitfalls. Here’s a warning story for any struggling founders – never give up your board seats.

How Startups Can Get Pricing Right

Pricing always seems to be the hardest decision for startups – but remember it does not have to be set in stone. You can offer enterprise deals, discounts, you can vary the price from month-to-month. There is nothing to prevent you experimenting with prices.

From the Trenches: 23 Entrepreneurs Share Their Most Valuable Lessons Learned

Inspiration advice from 23 startup founders / industry figures. My favourite – Jason Cohen “You spend 99.9% of your life working on the path, and 0.1% experiencing the euphoria of an exit or the disappointment of a final failure. If you’re not fulfilled by the journey, you’re wasting your life.”

5 Articles on Software Marketing

8 B2B Companies That Deliver Delightful Copywriting

Almost all B2B marketing is boring and bland, 8 exceptions include Dropbox, Velocity Partners, Airclic, Help Scout and Zendesk.

10 of the Best Email Subject Lines You’ve Ever Read

Examples of email subject lines that demand attention – most are really short.

Why You Should Build a Habit of Writing Every Day

Writing regularly as its own benefit, not just as a chore. With practice, writing becomes easier, more effective and helps you clarify your own thinking.

Storytelling 101: How to Seize the Attention of a Distracted Audience

Stories have captured human’s attention for milennia as they have been used to teach moral, practical, and philosophical lessons. They work because binding facts and ideas into a story makes them interesting, memorable and worth repeating.

If Someone Is Shouting About You, Shout About It

Telling people stories about how other people profit from using your software is effective. But social proof, where customers themselves are describing their own success is even more effective.

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