Software Marketing Tweetables 29 October 2012

Catch up on last week’s favourite articles featuring useful insights and tips for marketing your software

5 Articles on Product Marketing

The Role of Product Marketing in Your Startup, Part I: Defining Product Marketing

Saeed Khan has put together the most rigorous definition of product marketing. Most definitions simplify the distinction with product management to provide a clear explanation for other teams. But if you’re setting up your own product marketing team you need to understand this level of detail.

The Role of Product Marketing in Your Startup, Part II: Implementing Product Marketing

Saeed Khan continues his series to explain that while the visible deliverables of product marketing are tactical (collateral), the primary focus is strategic: “positioning, messaging, understanding buyers…”.

The Role of Content in the B2B IT Buying Process

Why is content important? “Enterprise IT Decision Makers engage with an average of 10 content assets during their buying process.” You need both quality and quantity.

How To Write Seductive Sales Copy Like Apple

Apple has been repeatedly lauded for it design, marketing, and production excellence. While not as glamorous, Apple’s copy writing is equally seductive and effective. Learn how to write copy like Apple’s.

Setting the Context of your Product

Context is vital for positioning, messaging, selling value. You can’t tell a story without it.

5 Articles on Startups

The VC Pitch Meeting

When you get a VC meeting, make the most of it. Research who you’re meeting, and schedule plenty of Q&A time – that’s the valuable time.

When should branding become a concern for a startup?

Salim Virani: “Think of your brand as two parts: the customers’ expectation at the core, and the surface elements that signal that expectation. Usually, it’s less wasteful to get the expectation right first (through conversation and low-fi prototypes), then invest in the surface elements once the brand expectation, customer needs and business model are validated.”

9 inspirational startup website designs

2 great articles by Dan Norriss. Here he identifies 9 well-designed startup websites. Notice how is reusing work he wanted to do anyway. And public praise is a good way to get their attention (a key customer segment).

Case Study: 13 Pre-Launch Traffic Strategies for Startups (Part 2 of 3)

Here Dan is a guest on Rob Walling’s blog, teaching startups how to build traffic for their website. Including use guest posting. Genius.

Why Startups Need Marketing

“Should marketing be your first hire? Yes, or if not… as early as possible. Many founders… hire engineers before… marketing because… need more hands on deck in building the product… and don’t know what to look for in a marketing hire. I’d challenge any founder to think closely about how marketing fits into their company. Twilio hired Danielle Morrill as their first employee… By not treating marketing like a second class citizen… one of the best decisions they ever made.”

5 Articles on Software Marketing

Lean Marketing: How to Run Your Marketing Team Like a Startup

1) Move fast 2) Stay focused 3) Prioritize 4) Sprints 5) Keep a backlog 6) Test to learn 7) Focus team progress

Why Content Marketing is the New SEO

Building content delivers quality sustainable SEO. Neil Patel shares his numbers and shows how it would cost 1000x to buy the same volume of traffic. And that traffic would be lower quality and one-off.

Stop the Madness

Most product managers / marketers are not just scared of sales, but scared of selling. Teaming up with your local sales person can be really smart. Try and join an entire sales cycle. It may take time to build up the trust. In an ideal world you’ll add value and insight and help that sales person become a lot more successful. But the payoff for you can be massive.

Principles of Outstanding Web Design

You aren’t making these mistakes on your website – are you?

These 5 Squeeze Page Tricks Have Helped Me Get Up To 58.6% Opt-In Rates

Tips to test on your landing page to see if you can improve conversions.

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