Software Marketing Tweetables 29 July 2013

Catch up on last week’s favourite articles featuring useful insights and tips for marketing your software

5 Articles on Product Marketing

The Data Behind Purchasing Behavior at UserVoice – Pricing for Conversion

Really useful data from SaaS pricing experiments. Your mileage will vary but understanding the approach and having a benchmark are extremely valuable.

Launching a Startup? Plan Your Marketing Around These 3 Phases

Don’t think about a single product launch. You may well want to make a big marketing push at a specific time to orchestrate a PR peak, but even then you must plan for lots of pre- and post- activities.

The 3 Skillsets that Make Successful Product Managers

Product managers should own the vision – not think of themselves as managing engineers. You need to bring different teams together to deliver and provide real data to make your case – convince don’t dictate.

A Product Manager’s Job

More on the product manager’s role – the nexus of business, technical and user experience.

Product Demo Tips: Feature Your Solutions, Not Your Features

Peter Cohen is the expert I have turned to for over 10 years to learn the best advice on enterprise software product demos.

5 Articles on Startups

The unprofitable SaaS business model trap

Accelerating growth when each new customer loses you more money is commercial suicide. Nail your product and business model *before* you scale.

2011/12 Creative Mornings with Ben Chestnut

Mailchimp is my favorite example where a marketing team has injected fun and personality into a boring product. CEO Ben Chestnut explains how they established a creative culture.

The Five Characteristics of An Ideal SaaS Company

See what a VC is looking for when investing in a SaaS company. Funding should not dictate what you do, but their commercial perspective is useful.

39 Actionable Growth Hacking Tactics – Part 2/5

Most of these tips focus on onboarding, turning signups into active, engaged “sticky” users.

How to go from zero to revenue in under five weeks without building a product

It is easy to go and talk to people about your startup idea and get positive feedback. That is NOT validation – see how you can use a preorder signup to get payment before you build – that is evidence you can rely on.

5 Articles on Software Marketing

Great Content Strategy in Action: Fishbowl’s Leap from Thought Leader to Market Leader

Paying lip service to content marketing probably won’t make a big marketing impact, but this is a case study from a firm that was struggling and turned around their fortunes by embracing content marketing and going “All In”.

IT vs. Marketing: Partnership or Competition?

The roles of CIO and CMO will merge. How the business uses technology to power its marketing has become far more important than the traditional ties into finance.

The Data Behind Purchasing Behavior at UserVoice

UserVoice made a series of changes to their pricing plans. Read the data on which changes worked – some may seem obvious, but we all have 20:20 hindsight.

11 Amazing Tools For Generating Blog Topic Ideas

Free tools really can help you generate quality ideas for blog topics.

4 Types of Video Great For Content Marketing

Don’t limit your video marketing to just one type of content – include interviews, demos, animations, and testimonials.

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