Software Marketing Tweetables 28 November 2011

You can catch up on last week’s favourite articles featuring useful insights and tips for marketing your software

5 Articles on Product Marketing

Make Your Slides Count

Humorous short puppet video by Duarte (the people who did Al Gore’s PowerPoint) on not having too many slides in your presentation.

Don’t Count Your Slides. Make Your Slides Count #ProdMktg

What Picasso can teach you about pricing

Unless you’re selling a commodity, your pricing should reflect expertise and rarity not cost of production. Picasso example helps to clarify.

Check You’re Not Setting Your Price Too Low #ProdMktg

12 Ways to (Legally) Spy on Your Competitors

Checklist of different ways you can observe and learn from your competition.

12 Legal Methods for Competitor Research by #ProdMktg

Choosing the right Voice and Tone

I often refer to MailChimp for inspiration. Their crisp, humorous writing style cuts through bland corporate speak.

Great Examples (from @MailChimp) of How to Communicate Clearly #ProdMktg

The Curse of Knowledge in Product Design

As experts on a product, the product team are often too clever, adding too many clever features. Complicated is Dumb. Clear is Smart. “Clear first, clever second” is one of my all time favourite quotes.

Wise Words for Product and Marketing “clear first, clever second.” #ProdMktg

5 Articles on Startups

Funding Startups (& other impossibilities)

Great realistic post on funding for a UK startup. Success is mainly about the selling / marketing. Refreshing to find an article that’s UK-focused and blunt about how hard it is

Excellent Advice for any UK Startup ‘The Startup Handbook’ #Startup

Which App is Best for Creating a Landing Page

3 of the main apps reviewed for quickly creating a pre-launch page for your startup, including options for viral referrals.

Reviewed: 3 Main Apps (@launchrock @unbounce @kickofflabs ) for Startup Launch Pages #Startup

Perfect Beginner Tips for Branding your Startup

Early on, your startup must be focused on product. Some quick branding tips will help before you bring in full-time Marketing

Design Tips when Branding your Startup #Startup

The ideal product manager

When hiring a product manager, look for a future CEO. Someone with product vision, entrepreneurial spirit who can inspire team.

The Ideal Product Manager for a Startup #Startup

How 2 words changed our business forever…

Amazing story, one small marketing approach the key to success for this app.

Startup Example. Tiny Marketing Change the Difference between Success/Failure #Startup

5 Articles on Software Marketing

How to Meet Google’s Newest Quality Standards for Content

5 tips for producing regular high-quality content. Be organized, reactive, use messaging grid.

Great Advice on Producing Regular High Quality ContentMarketing #Software #Marketing

What Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, And SAP Don’t Tell Customers

Gartner analyst’s opinion is that the 4 mega enterprise software vendors all deceive their customers to maximize revenue, but each uses a different approach.

Gartner Analyst Discloses What Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, & #SAP Don’t Tell Customers #Software #Marketing

B2B Customers Delay Contacting Vendors Until Later in Sales Cycle

Outbound marketing is becoming less effective as buyers rely on their own research. Vendors have less opportunity to directly influence sales cycle.

B2B Customers Contact Vendors Late in Sales Cycle, So Vendors Can’t Influence Criteria? #Software #Marketing

When Customers Bitch About Your Price (Biz Book Friday)

Advice on pricing: don’t emphasize price, focus on value.

What Do You Do When Customers Complain About Pricing? #Software #Marketing

Market Segmentation Strategies for B2B Technology Product Marketers

Adapt your message to your target audience based on ther size, industry, geography, behaviour, role…

5 Ways to Segment Your B2B Tech Customers #Software #Marketing

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