Software Marketing Tweetables 28 May 2012

Catch up on last week’s favourite articles featuring useful insights and tips for marketing your software

5 Articles on Product Marketing

The Growth Hacker: How To Guide On Acquiring Users

Useful graphic listing steps to consider pre- and post-launch. A visual reminder that a launch is not a single event.

Nice product launch checklist #ProdMktg

It’s All About the User Experience, Stupid!

Software design has evolved beyond functionality. The consumerization of IT means training should disappear for most users. User experience is more important as a competitive differentiator than length of feature lists.

User Experience for B2B Software Development Sucks | Need Professional ProdMgmt and UX #ProdMktg

Breaking into the product professions – Self as Product

Part of a series on how to start a career in product marketing / product management. Here Karol McCloskey describes how you need to market yourself just like you would market a product.

How to Get Started in Product Marketing / Product Management #ProdMktg

Freemium Pricing for SaaS: Optimizing Paid Conversion Upgrades

Great list of freemium pricing pages, with analysis as Rishi Shah picks the best of each for his pricing page.

Excellent » Freemium Options Evaluated. Picking Best of the Best #ProdMktg

How to Double Your B2B Content Without Doubling Your Workload

Producing quality content for inbound marketing takes a ton of time. Rachel Foster offers some tips to improve efficiency.

Doubling Your B2B Content Without Doubling Your Workload #ProdMktg

5 Articles on Startups

How To Find Startup Ideas

Do you have a killer startup idea? Here are some patterns for successful startups that could inspire you.

How To Find Startup Ideas « Some Patterns to get you Thinking #Startup

Can a Growing Company Grow Faster While Spending Less?

Firas Raouf explains the diliemma faced by a rapidly expanding SaaS company. They are growing at about 50% but acquiring customers is currently too expensive. Getting those marketing costs down is now more important than just growing.

How a Growing Startup Can Accelerate While Reducing Costs #Startup

6 Lessons from Joel Gascoigne

Great summary by Graham Ashton of Joel Gascoigne’s excellent implementation of Lean Startup principles. He really tested demand before building and it really worked.

6 Lessons from Building Buffer – notes for a talk by @JoelGascoigne #Startup

Chris McCann’s Personal Blog

The hardest part of any startup is usually figuring out the best way to get your product to the right people to buy it. Getting the right balance between sales and marketing will depend on price and complexity. A major benefit of founders doing customer development is learning how to reach customers and what it takes to sell to them.

Distribution = Critical Startup Secret #Startup

7 Ways to Motivate Your Startup Team — Without Giving Away Equity

In all walks of life, studies regularly show that non-financial benefits are more effective on motivation, so long as basic financial security is established. For startups, this is especially true.

7 non-Financial Ways to Motivate Your Startup Team #Startup

5 Articles on Software Marketing

Pricing Page Design: Highest Price on the Left?

Another great study on software pricing pages. Focusing on why prices should decrease as you read from left to right.

Pricing Page for SaaS / Software. Highest on Left or Right? @lincolnmurphy Has the Answer #Software #Marketing

How to Land More Clients With Your Proposals

Advice to treat a proposal as a part of your marketing. Present them quickly and focus on benefits not fees.

How to Land More Clients With Your Proposals #Software #Marketing

A Simple Step by Step Guide to SEO

Most articles on SEO are out-of-date, too detailed or thinly veiled sales pitches. This explains enough for most marketers before they need to hire a specialist.

Smart, well written article on SEO basics #Software #Marketing

Introduction to A/B Testing for Landing Pages

Good read on A/B testing. Including why you need to start with a hypothesis not just dredge data until you find a slightly better result.

Good intro to A/B testing. Seriously: why isn’t everyone split testing?? #Software #Marketing

9 Tools To Attract Clients (You Haven’t Heard Of At Least One Of These Yet!)

A range of marketing tools. Most are well known but a couple of new ones look interesting.

9 Powerful Tools to Attract Clients #Software #Marketing

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