Software Marketing Tweetables 28 January 2013

Catch up on last week’s favourite articles featuring useful insights and tips for marketing your software

5 Articles on Product Marketing

Expect More From Product Managers

Product managers and marketers should focus on learning what customers really want. Testing hypotheses before anything is built.

How to nail your product market fit and sales pitch with a value proposition diagram

A clear way to simplify a business model when there are multiple parties.

Product Managers Need To Learn That Less Is More

Adding more features does not make your product better. Would you really want more buttons on your TV remote?

Why your product demo sucks, and you’re losing customers as a result

Most product demos try to cram in too many feature. Keep them short, crisp and benefits-focused.

Sell More By Being Human and Building Relationships

Inject personality into your product, your marketing. Being human is far more memorable than a faceless corporation.

5 Articles on Startups

You’re Doing Freemium Wrong

Don’t tack on a bunch of random features and expect to make money as users flock from free > premium.

Six Steps to Growth: What I Learned as 500 Startups’ Growth Hacker In Residence

Startup growth is hard work, based on disciplined fast build > measure > learn loops.

Five Signs a Startup is Ready for Marketing

To scale marketing, you need happy customers, predictable revenue, and most importantly know why people are buying.

MicroConf 2012 Videos

Excellent talks by Jaon Chen, Hiten Shah, Rob Walling, Amy Hoy, Peldi Guilizzoni, Dan Martell, Dave Collins, Bill Bither, Sarah Hatter, Mike Taber, Adii Pienaar, and Patrick McKenzie

Go talk to founders who failed at what you’re doing

Learn from your peers. Not just your current competitors but ask founders of failed startups in your space for advice.

5 Articles on Software Marketing

Beauty Pays: Beautiful Websites (and People) Get Better Results

Beauty sells. Websites, products, marketing that is better designed sells more. Our brains “process” design in milliseconds and predispose how we read the text.

The “Secret” Method Experts Like Perry Marshall Use To Double Or Triple Their Sales Page Conversion Rates

Worth testing: Change landing pages to ask for email address instead of immediate sale. Build trust over time with educational autoresponder series.

Become a smarter marketer.

Tips on contintinously testing your website effectiveness, including allowing 7+1 days for testing.

Top Ten Small Business Marketing Articles Every Entrepreneur Should Read

There is a lot of information for small businesses to read telling them what to do. Learn what works by doing, testing, and listening to customers.

Philippe Dubost, Web Product Manager

A very creative resume. Useful reminder on how to stand out from the crowd.

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