Software Marketing Tweetables 27 February 2012

Catch up on last week’s favourite articles featuring useful insights and tips for marketing your software

5 Articles on Product Marketing

Creating Web Content for Enterprise Software Lead Generation

Diego Lomanto describes how product marketing for enterprise software lead generation involves producing web content for all stages in the buying cycle.

Content for Lead Generation #ProdMktg

How should Innovators Really Talk to their Customers?

The first key to interviewing customer is to ask for advice & listen instead of selling. The second is to plan ahead. Indirect approaches to validating problems, solutions and pricing are usually more impartial and more reliable.

At the center of innovation is a human customer. And a very human activity: talking to them #ProdMktg

Buyer-derived vs. Sales-derived Win Loss Analysis

Why you should not rely on sales rep-derived win loss reports – “Typical win loss analysis from sales force: majority of losses due to product and price. Majority of wins due to relationship.” Instead interview buyers.

Execs ProdMgmt ProdMktg… Beware asking Sales Why Win/Loss #ProdMktg

3 Bogus Excuses for a Lack of Focus in Expansion Stage Companies

Many expansion-stage organizations, either by design or sheer force of habit, are still stuck in the startup mentality of trying to sell every feature of their product to everyone and hoping that the message occasionally sticks. Their excuses for not changing are bogus.

3 Bogus Excuses for a Lack of Focus in Expansion Stage Companies #ProdMktg

20 Landing Page Designs Get Picked Apart & Analyzed for Conversion

Useful dissection of landing pages: graphics, structures, messages, calls to action, clarity… everything you need to be checking.

20 Landing Page Designs Get Picked Apart & Analyzed for Conversion #ProdMktg

5 Articles on Startups

Hacking Customer Development for DC Lean Startup

Patrick Vlaskovits is one of the authors for “the Entrepreneur’s Guide to Customer Development”. This short deck contains ideas for how you can test customer willingness to buy before you start building.

CustDev Hacks for LeanStartup. Discover whether customers will buy *before* you build #Startup

The cheapest way to discover if a startup idea will make money

Entertaining post that after a couple of detours explains a hack using Twitter to quickly test demand for a product idea for free.

Cheapest way to discover if Startup idea will make £$ #Startup

10 must-read blogs for any Lean Startup

Great collection of the best lean startup blogs by Spook Studio

10 must-read blogs for any LeanStartup #Startup

Lean in Memes – 10 Lean Startup Ideas Explained in Memes

Leo from Buffer pulled together some leading Lean Startup blog posts and with memes for fun.

10 LeanStartup Ideas Explained in Memes #Startup

Why NOT the Funnel Chart?

Ash Maurya is leading the way, making lean startup principles more actionable, practical, and concrete – especially around which metrics startups should focus on.

Actionable Metrics = Better than Funnel Charts #Startup

5 Articles on Software Marketing

The Inbound Way to Do Trade Show Marketing

If you are go to invest in exhibiting at a trade show, ensure you put the planning and content marketing in place. Never just attend because you always do and never just throw bodies in at the last moment.

Trade Show Marketing Too Often A waste of £$. Be Smarter #Software #Marketing

9 Steps to Write Your Ultimate Home Page Headline

Of course, you know your headlines are the most important words on the page. If you don’t get them right people won’t read the rest. Good reminders no matter how experienced you are.

9 Steps to Write Your Ultimate Home Page Headline #Software #Marketing

How Not to Resonate During your Presentation

Public speaking is nerve-wracking enough, without the large screen crashing on your visual-based presentation. Sounds like Joshua Duncan recovered well, but read this and you will always bring a backup plan.

A Presentation Nightmare. Brave @joshua_d Shares a Lesson for all Speakers #Software #Marketing

Lead Magnets: Email List Building on Steroids

For many websites, your primary goal is to get people to sign up to an email list. Develop “lead magnets” to build your list faster.

How to Build Your Email List Faster #Software #Marketing

The History of Marketing: An Exhaustive Timeline [INFOGRAPHIC]

For centuries, marketing meant interrupting customers. This infographic charts the changes from 1450-2012.

The History of Marketing: An Exhaustive Timeline [INFOGRAPHIC] #Software #Marketing

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