Software Marketing Tweetables 27 August 2012

Catch up on last week’s favourite articles featuring useful insights and tips for marketing your software

5 Articles on Product Marketing

5 Psychological Studies on Pricing That You Absolutely MUST Read

It is repeatedly proven buying decisions are affected by illogical emotions and behaviours. Examples include selling more by: raising prices, introducing useless products, ending prices with a “9”, and focusing on “time”.

Explaining Your Product

Chris Sacca inspired a great way to improve your product messaging “Don’t think about how to explain your [product] to a user. Instead, think about how a user will explain it to another user.” A simpler message without corporate marketing hype will be more effective.

Why We Need Storytellers at the Heart of Product Development

“Before a technologist writes a line of code, or a marketer writes a line of copy, or a designer creates a single wireframe or design, you have to establish the story that your product is going to tell.”

Go out, talk to your users

Easy change for a small product team: add a feedback form to your product and answer every message. Great for customer satisfaction and marketing, but primarily it is an easy way to get invaluable insight into want your customers want.

The #1 Enemy of SaaS: Churn

Remember to include churn in your customer acquisition calculations. If you are losing 2% of customers per month then you have to replace them with new customers, before any growth.

5 Articles on Startups

18 Startup Founders Share Their Lowest Moments Before Coming Out On Top

Great collection of stories from founders who all suffered serious setbacks before emerging with successful startups. Includes Buffer,, Dan Martell, Brad Feld, Twilio, and Jason Cohen.

Why only fools write code first

“Don’t waste your life by building something nobody wants.” Always test the biggest risk first – usually customer demand. Don’t succumb to writing code just because that’s the fun part.

First Employee or Co-founder?

The first employee at a startup is at a huge disadvantage. They are paid below market rates, have little job security, but get nothing like the potential return of founders.

Using mTurk to interview 100 customers (in 4 hours)

Amazon’s Mechanical Turk is a quick and cheap way to get simple tasks done. This can include getting people to interview for customer development. Google Voice is used in this example, but for outside US you could use Skype instead.

The Not-So-Lean Web Start-up

Lean startups launch early, learn as much as possible as early as possible from customers, and minimize financial commitments until they have proved they will work. Hopper is the antithesis of lean – they have raised $22M and after 5 years have still not launched. Really.

5 Articles on Software Marketing

A Brilliant Sales Email [Share this with your team]

Useful example from a prospect’s perspective, where he tries to shrug off a sales guy. The response politely addressed the prospects objection and showed why a meeting would still be relevant.

Having Testing Trouble? How To A/B Test With Little or No Traffic

3 ways you can A/B test with low traffic volumes. 1) buy targeted traffic using PPC 2) use qualitative data from interviews 3) hire testees online

What A Hacker Learns After A Year In Marketing

A coder wants to be CEO for his startup, so decides to learn marketing. As a developer evangelist he got to learn a lot about marketing and found it is not as easy as it looks.

How to Land More Clients With Persuasive Fees

Just like software, how you present your services prices has a big impact. Bidsketch recommend bundling and focusing on solution value, not hourly rates.

Troubleshooting your Activation Funnel

Why do people sign up for your free service but not end up using it? Tips on how to analyse and visualize for activation funnel so you can fix the leaks.

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