Software Marketing Tweetables 26 March 2012

Catch up on last week’s favourite articles featuring useful insights and tips for marketing your software

5 Articles on Product Marketing

Customer Needs: Finding Out What Lies Beneath

How do you find out what people want? You ask them, but asking them indirectly is usually more insightful.

What Do Customers Really Need? #ProdMktg

From Enterprise to SaaS: the pain and the promise

Cracks are getting wider in the enterprise software market. Power is shifting to buyers as information is online, cloud offers freedom and licensing models begin to loosen.

Why is it taking so long for SaaS to replace Enterprise Software Licensing? #ProdMktg

The business needs product management to be agile, too.

John Peltier argues the case for why product managers in established software vendors should adopt agile and lean startup approaches.

Product Management Should Learn LeanStartup and “Get out of the Building” #ProdMktg

Marketing From The Other End Of The Funnel

When your products are typically purchased on an impulse, as in retail, your product marketing does not follow a funnel. A totally different perspective is needed.

Interesting how ProdMktg for B2C Retail… Start From The Other End Of The Funnel #ProdMktg

Why VC’s Need Marketing

There is a certain irony here. VCs would be the first to advise startups on importance of explaining positioning & benefits, but do a poor job themselves. Maybe too much ego?

Why VC’s Need Marketing #ProdMktg

5 Articles on Startups

Don’t Think Big. There, I Said It.

Startups should be ambitious and disruptive. But simplicity is usually the key to success, not massive features for massive markets. Interesting article by Brant Coper.

Don’t Think Big. There, I Said It. #Startup

How to Discover Your Perfect Target Customer in 5 Steps

The most common marketing mistake is trying to appeal to everyone, you end up appealing to no-one.

How to discover your perfect target customer in 5 steps #Startup

How To Get Media Coverage For Your Startup: A Complete Guide

Leo Widrich has done a fantastic job getting PR coverage for his startup, Buffer. He shares his successful approach including guest blogging.

How To Get Media Coverage For Your Startup: A Complete Guide #Startup

Using FiveSecondTest to quickly spot the right improvements in landing page designs.

Salim Virani describes FiveSecondTest a service he uses to rapidly get feedback on whether his messages are clear.

Using FiveSecondTest to quickly spot improvements in landing page #Startup

From YC Rejection to 10,000 Users in 1 Month

For many startups, bootstrapping works best. But one benefit of VCs and Incubators, is the expert advice.

From YC Rejection to 10,000 Users in 1 Month #Startup

5 Articles on Software Marketing

8 Tactics for Building Your Pre-Launch Mailing List

Tips on starting your marketing before you launch.

8 Tactics for Building Your Pre-Launch Mailing List #Software #Marketing

The stupidest thing you’ll see this year –

Before you jump in and use a marketing technique, stop and think. This example seems like a big waste of money.

Huge waste of a perfectly good marketing budget. “The stupidest thing you’ll see this year” #Software #Marketing

How we decreased sign up confirmation email bounces by 50%

Some lateral thinking applied to make form filling easier, produces results.

How to increase email signup confirmation by 50% #Software #Marketing

The #1 Reason Your Free Trial Fails to Convert Customers

Before spending a lot of time and money driving traffic to your free trial, ensure new users have a great initial experience.

Don’t Just Throw £$ on Ads to Get More Free Trial Signups. Improve New User Experience #Software #Marketing

9 Things to Know About Influencing Purchasing Decisions

Logical choices can influence buying decisions, but there are often unconscious and emotional factors as well.

Why Do People Buy? Many Reasons not Logical #Software #Marketing

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