Software Marketing Tweetables 26 December 2011

Catch up on last week’s favourite articles featuring useful insights and tips for marketing your software

5 Articles on Product Marketing

10 Tips for a Successful Product Marketing Launch (Part 3)

Final part of Diego Lomanto’s series of product marketing launch tips. Featuring his recommendations to include customers for the launch.

10 Tips for Your Software Launch (Part 3 focus on Customer Stories) #ProdMktg

Software Product Marketing That Works (Part 3)

Why you should not be boasting and bragging about how great your software is. Instead get your customers to do the talking.

Best Software Product Marketing is by *Your* Customers not You #ProdMktg

Liven up your product descriptions

Dull, bland descriptions won’t inspire people to buy your products. Use humour, stories, personality and tasteful enthusiasm.

Avoid Boring Product Descriptions. Give them Humour, Stories… Life #ProdMktg

A Product Launch, Not A Release

Burke Alder recommends a product launch should be: 1. Purposeful 2. Intentional 3. Prescriptive 4. Prioritized.

A Product Launch, Not A Release #ProdMktg

What jobs are users hiring your product to perform?

Understanding the real drivers behind why customers buy your products can be key to enhancing your products, marketing, and business.

What jobs are users hiring your product to perform? #ProdMktg

5 Articles on Startups

10 lessons from my startup journey so far

2011 was a increase year for Buffer founder Joel Gascoigne. His 10 posts chart the journey and will help any startup founder.

10 Lessons from my Startup Journey so far #Startup

Know Your Competition – Comparing Products Part 6

Many companies don’t consider the full range of alternative solutions as competitors. There are decreasing returns as you spend more time researching, but we probably stop too soon.

Competitor Research #Startup

26 questions you have to answer correctly to get funding for your startup

Smart investors ask tough questions. Even if you’re not seeking funds, these are great questions any startup founder should ask themselves.

26 Questions a Startup Will Face When Raising Funding #Startup

Failing in a unique and interesting way is hard

Each startup thinks their problems are unique, but the reasons most startups fail are very predictable.

Startup Failures a Repeatable Pattern. To Avoid: 1)Quality Team 2)Customer Fit 3)Minimal Spend #Startup

Social Media Marketing for Startups [Infographic]

Simple infographic overview of social media options to generate awareness via social media.

How to Get Buzz for Your Startup. Social Media Infographic #Startup

5 Articles on Software Marketing

How to Create Content that Ignites Reader Conversation

Stir curiosity, ask for a response, be human, be relevant. Never ever be boring.

How to Create Content that Ignites Reader Conversation #Software #Marketing

2012 B2B Marketing Predictions – Will Marketers Leave Sales Behind?

Michael Brenner makes another set of predictions for B2B marketing in the coming year.

2012 B2B Marketing Predictions #Software #Marketing

Dare to Compare to the Eloqua SaaS Benchmark Index

Eloqua ran a series of marketing benchmarks for software companies. Slide 6 is notable, showing SaaS firms getting 10x higher % of traffic than other software vendors.

Social Drives More Traffic for SaaS than Other Software #Software #Marketing

4 Ways to Grow Your Business with Marketing Automation

Neil Patel shares tips on lead management and lead nurturing to get the most out of your leads.

Marketing Automation Tips – Get More Business from Your Leads #Software #Marketing

Natural Link Building 101

Kristi Hines shares a huge range of tips, to show how you can easily get links to your site. She also explains why you should avoid underhand black-hat link building.

Natural Link Building 101 #Software #Marketing

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