Software Marketing Tweetables 26 August 2013

Catch up on last week’s favourite articles featuring useful insights and tips for marketing your software

5 Articles on Product Marketing

8 Ways To Use Email To Improve Your Customer Retention Strategies

Email continues to be the most effective marketing tool. Just don’t keep sending boring marketing offers. Build regular email contact into your whole model, make email positive and useful.

About Products: A Few Things I Think I Think – Part 2

List of product management articles curated by Joshua Duncan.

SaaS Sales Funnel: Stop Optimizing for the Wrong Customers

Great example of why you must understand your customers. If you blindly optimize your traffic and conversions you may well end up focusing on customer segments that are less profitable, less strategic.

10 Product Management Hacks for Times when you’re strapped for Resources

Tips for product managers – how to hack your product releases when you don’t have enough resources (does anyone ever have enough?)

The Right Type of Customer Conversations

Embrace customers wanting support, they are showing you how to improve your product, documentation, onboarding… It’s only unsustainable if you just answer questions without tackling causes.

5 Articles on Startups

How Cheap a Product Can You Have And Still Have Salespeople?

Invaluable data for anyone selling SaaS to businesses. Calculate how profitable your sales should be and how using inside sales staff should still work, even if your prices are as low as $99/mo.

Choosing a payment provider for your Europe based SaaS startup

Payment providers are one area where geography matters a lot. Many services are US-only. But this is an area that will change a lot soon, several startups looking to disrupt the payments market.

12 ways for non-tech founders to build a startup

Coding is not essential for a startup, there are plenty of ways to hack a solution without code. Be wary of jumping into building a solution before you need too.

My app and I are hurting

Almost every founder’s story published makes their success seem easy. The reality is almost all fail slowly.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Starting And Running A Business

Pithy nuggets of startup advice. Some humour but lots of valid points.

5 Articles on Software Marketing

How to Suck Less at E-mail Marketing

Start collecting email as soon as you can. Send lots of email to keep contact but make it useful. Use autoresponders and personalization.

Choosing a Content Marketing Strategy for Your Startup

How should you distribute your content? Probably a combination of RSS, Email, content hubs, and social media.

How NOT to Lose SaaS Sales

Amazing stats show how speedy responses to sales enquiries dramatically increases conversion. Even waiting just 1 day will reduce leads by 60x.

Marketing Made Simple. A {growtoon}.

Marketing strategy should be simple, but it all depends on understanding your customers and their problems.

How To Be A Content Marketing Rockstar

More content marketing tips by Heidi Cohen.

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