Software Marketing Tweetables 25 March 2013

Catch up on last week’s favourite articles featuring useful insights and tips for marketing your software

5 Articles on Product Marketing

One-Sentence Marketing Advice from a Physics Genius

Product marketing and product management require clear thinking and clear communications.

The Inconvenient Truth About Product

People who build software don’t know what products / features will work best. Customers don’t know either. Build / test faster to learn faster and win.

A Dead-Simple Customer Profile Template that will Massively Increase Sales

Product marketing should always be aimed at people, people with a problem. Start from a quick sketch of who you think that person and refine as you learn.

Getting Crunched, Mashed Or Beaten Is Not A Launch Strategy

Getting a sudden peak of traffic from any source is not a sustainable strategy. Apart from being non-repeatable, thse people are likely to be just curious about what’s new – they are not likely to be tagret customers.

13 Questions to Ask about the Pricing of Your Software Product

Checklist to think through before changing prices.

5 Articles on Startups

Lean Analytics – The One Metric That Matters And Other Provocations

As a startup progresses “the one key metric” it should measure should change. Initially it will be focused on the problem, then usage, then customer acquisition, making money and finally scaling.

One of the Biggest Mistakes Enterprise Startups Make

B2C startups need to focus on everything being self-service. But it’s a big mistake if you want large enterprise customers. You need people to sell and implement.

Your First 100 Customers are Weirdos

Would you really want to be one of the very first customers? You would would have to be weird. Don’t assume your first customers are normal.

Death of an IT salesman

Large enterprise software vendors have to adapt. They cannot sustain their massive overheads.

The brutal truth about marketing your software product

Survior’s bias means you hear lots of stories about solo developers being successful. They are outliers. It is very rare to find someone who can both create great product and great marketing.

5 Articles on Software Marketing

8 marketing tactics of high growth companies that you should steal

3 startups share tips on which marketing tactics are helping drive their growth,

11 Creative Ways to Build Links

Don’t resort to buying spammy back links or black hat SEO. Eventually it will backfire. Instead create excellent products and content – oh and linkbait.

“We’re Not Making Our Number”: How Marketing Can Help Close a Gap

Breakdown any sales/marketing divides. When it comes to the crunch, marketing should be there helping sales.

Email Optimization: A single word change results in a 90% lift in sign-ups

3 examples of minor call to action changes that dramatically improved results.

DIY Email Referrals

Nice marketing hack. By linking together free services you can piece together a referral system so that referred subcribers and referers are rewarded using automated emails.

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