Software Marketing Tweetables 24 October 2011

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5 Articles on Product Marketing

You don’t know what you don’t know (until it’s too late)

When you’re gathering requirements for software, you must always understand why a feature is being requested. In the same way, when your sales team tell you they need a sales tool and specify to you WHAT they want you to do, you must ensure you understand WHY they want it as you may have a better way to address their need…

Product Marketers Creating Sales Tools Need to Iterate Based on Feedback #ProdMktg

Who is the archetypical user?

If you are creating new software, you are not a typical customer. You are likely to be an early adopter, which means how you see the needs will be very different from most of the market. “Just because you are interested and find the concept valuable doesn’t mean the majority will.”

Startup Founder, You Are Not An Archetypical User #ProdMktg

So, What is Product Marketing, Anyways?

A definition of product marketing with a breakdown of activities between strategic marketing and sales cycle marketing including: product development, sales enablement, positioning, awareness, research, evaluation / sales support.

Who Know What Product Marketing Is? Check Out #ProdMktg

6 Steps to Selling More

Excellent Infographic. This is a checklist you use every time to build or review a webpage. Each step can help you convert more traffic into sales. Check layout, crispness, consistent, trust, informatice, and optimized.

The Essentials of Writing Marketing Copy To Increase Sales [Infographic] #ProdMktg

12 Tips For Giving Great Presentations

Most presentations are boring, too complex, and too focused on the speaker. Instead simplify, focus on your product, and how your customers benefit. Telling a story and painting a picture will keep their attention. Above all, show your passion.

Don’t Be A Boring Speaker. Read these 12 Presentation Tips Before Touching PowerPoint #ProdMktg

5 Articles on Startups

Dropbox: Startup Lessons Learned 2011

Excellent Presentation by Drew Houston, Founder of Dropbox, posted by Eric Ries the father of the Lean Startup movement. Describes real-life growth pains and how to deliver customer excellence, build a sustainable, profitable business model. 22 slides of invaluable insight for any startup.

Great SlideShare by Dropbox on Startup Growth Pains #Startup

How To Launch A Startup While Still Working Your Day Job

Employees dreaming about their own startup, can and should start planning and actually working on their startup. Not only do you need to stash enough cash for several month’s living expense, but you can research, make connections, burn the candle at boths ends. Great tips here on what to do and what not to do.

Working on Your Startup While Employed #Startup

The big businesses learning how to think small

Many large enterprises admire and desire the nimbleness and innovation of startups. They may acquire or invest in startups, but that often fails as the startup gets swallowed up or stifled. An alternative approach used by Pepsi is to have the startup work with their marketing teams instead of taking equity, with the hope that some of the creativity will rub off onto Pepsi’s marketing.

Large Enterprises Help Startups, In Return Learn To Be Nimble as a Startup #Startup

Fred Wilson Explains Why Most New Angel Investors Are About To Get A Seriously Rude Awakening

Predictions that the current startup bubble will burst soon: There are an enormous number of startups, competing for a small number of users who actually pay. For investors it’s like a goldrush, trying to get a stake in many companies hoping that one will be the next Facebook, Apple, Google… But when the revenue fails to materialize, funding will dry up. Crunch time is coming soon and then the next cycle starts again.

Fred Wilson & @SAI Predict Startup Investors To Get Shock. Too Many Startups Too Few Paying Users #Startup

Location matters for your startup

Silicon Valley is not the only home for startups, they can be found all over the world. A few succeed in isolation, but those working in clusters are far more likely to succeed because the talent is attracted to those areas and proximity leads to startups helping each other. Scott Allison shares his reasons for relocating to London and density of Startup Digest readers by city as a surrogate metric for startup clusters.

Location Does Matter for a Startup #Startup

5 Articles on Software Marketing

Not Another Boring Case Study

Most software vendors play little more than lipservice to the importance of customers and are structured so that they care more about the quantity of customer success stories than the quality. You may have the greatest evangelical advocates within your customer base, but their management probably suppress the most intersting elements. Ideally, the best way is to get customer to just talk about themselves in their own words or to discuss directly with each other.

Customers are 1 Asset for Marketing. Except @MailChimp, Why Are Customer Stories So Dull? #Software #Marketing

When should a startup start a marketing plan?

Startups are mainly founded by developers, who want to fund focus on cutting code. However to be a commercial success, you need to know from the beginning: where you want to go, who wants to buy, what do they want, are you going in the right direction… In short, you need a marketing plan ASAP.

A Startup Should Plan Marketing ASAP #Software #Marketing

Case Study: How I Created a Viral Ebook Landing Page – Using ThemeForest, PayWithATweet, KISSinsights and Unbounce

Oli Gardner shows just how easy it is to create a simple attractive web site for a product. Excellent step-by-step guide pulls the different elements together to include landing page design, viral mechnaism, customer feedback loop. Cheap and easy to implement.

How to Build Your Own Viral Marketing Quickly & Cheaply #Software #Marketing

Seven steps to sublime (or at least successful) subject lines

After list building, the biggest challenge in email marketing is always getting your list to open your emails. Use 7 steps to get more emails read: appeal to self-interest, the right type of offers, testing and more testing.

7 Tips to Improve Email Subject Lines #Software #Marketing

Copywriting myths: the 12 most persuasive words in the English Language

Numerous marketing sources have recycled as truth the 12 most persuasive words in English: You, Easy, Money, Save, Love, New, Discovery, Results, Proven, Health, Guarantee. While the list seems plausible, there seeems to be no actual research behind it. Ben Locker does include a list by David Ogilvy which is probably more effective.

12 Most Persuasive Words in Marketing = Myth #Software #Marketing

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