Software Marketing Tweetables 23 September 2013

Catch up on last week’s favourite articles featuring useful insights and tips for marketing your software

5 Articles on Product Marketing

How To Build Your Audience Well Before Launching Your Product

The most frequent mistake I see startups make is building first and only thinking about marketing afterwards. Start marketing from the outset. If you can’t get people to read a blog about your topic – you’re not going to convince them to buy your solution.

Pain is a catalyst for change

Your biggest competitor will be doing nothing. Focus on the pain, if customers don’t feel enough pain they will stick with what they have.

Minimum Viable Product

Using something to help you test demand, does not make it a minimum viable *product*. Use experiments before building an MVP, but until they are delivering value they are not a product.

9 Ways to Make Your Expensive Product Look like a Total Steal

Convincing prospects that your prices are not too high is a cornerstone of product marketing. Two classic techniques are 1) offering a more-expensive comparison to frame the price and 2) expressing as a lower daily amount. These classic techniques still work.

The Art of Creating a Magnetic Value Proposition

Creating a value proposition – it must be clear, relevant, and concrete. Show you are addressing a specific audience and how your solution is different

5 Articles on Startups

Introducing Product-Value Alignment: What Comes After Product/Market Fit

Reaching product/market fit is a great achievement but not a final destination. Don’t just try and scale what’s worked so far. You’re aiming for a new audience – probably a wider segment who are not as adventurous as your early adopters.

How to Get Customers to Want to Pay Even Before Building Your Product

Buy Ash Maurya’s book “Running Lean”. This excerpt is a masterclass on using customer discovery to test real demand for your product and generate desire.

The seven stages of startup analytics grief

Despite most startups being naturally inclined to use data to measure progress, almost all find it much harder in practice to get actionable results from Google Analytics. Takes some planning to be really useful.

Six Key Benchmarks for Your SaaS Startup

Benchmarks from other startups won’t tell you what to do, but if you know where your numbers are unusual it’s worth understanding why.

It’s Not a Conversion Problem, It’s a Customer Development Problem

Trying to optimize conversion rates when your product doesn’t solve real problems is like putting lipstick on a pig.

5 Articles on Software Marketing

SaaS Marketing: 21 Growth Hacks to Test Today

A creative list of ideas that could help your SaaS marketing. Many will be too aggressive for you, but might spark off more appropriate tactics for you.

The Myth of Growth Hacking

Growth hacking might be a more palatable term for tech startups, but basically it is marketing. It does help to distance from dull corporate big-budget advertising style marketing.

The seven stages of startup analytics grief

Even more growth hacking tips. These are focussed on how to design a referral program and keep those viral marketing hopes alive.

Reverse Engineering Marketing : Where Do Other Sites Get Their Traffic?

A big advantage for a little company is being able to see which marketing tactics work for your competitors. There’s a lot of data available to help you quickly learn and save years of guessing.

It’s Not a Conversion Problem, It’s a Customer Development Problem

Funnels are a convenient model that work well now for simple purchases and used to work for all B2B buying. But nowadays most buying is far more complex than a linear funnel.

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