Software Marketing Tweetables 22 October 2012

Catch up on last week’s favourite articles featuring useful insights and tips for marketing your software

5 Articles on Product Marketing

Why I Used to Hate Landing Pages…

For a designer, especially a user experience (UX) designer, landing pages embody everything that is wrong with marketing. They focus the user’s mind on the task in hand instead of providing easy navigation choices. Commercial reality should take precedence over a designer’s aesthetic aspirations.

Forget Freemium: Why It’s Killing Your Pricing Strategy

Giving away your software / SaaS for free and hoping you’ll “wow” users and somehow convince them to pay later is not a sound marketing strategy. Freemium can work, if you know how you can earn revenue from it. But free trials are a more reliable marketing strategy.

Viewpoint: More Women Needed in Technology

Women are still under-represented in technology companies and technical jobs. This is not just a social issue. Software companies with both female and male product managers / marketers are more successful. They know that just making a pinker, smaller version for women does not cut it.

Why Explainer Videos Increase Conversion Rates by 20%

People skim through text and images. Videos get far more attention and so are more convincing. Also psychologists tell us that once people have made a small commitment (watching a video) they are far more like to make a bigger commitment (completing the call to action).

SaaS Products Aren’t Viral

The desire for product professionals to have a viral product is often unrealistic. It is highly desirable and exceptionally rare for customer growth to fuel and accelerate customer growth by itself.

5 Articles on Startups

The Long Slow SaaS Ramp of Death

“There is no silver bullet, but instead it is a long, slow ramp of death… It takes a long time to get to minimum critical mass. Growth is fueled by doing a million things right. Don’t count on a silver bullet to get you to the hockey stick of revenue growth.”

How to Make Failure Sustainable (and Career Entrepreneurship Possible)

Rob Fitzpatrick advocates startup entrepreneurship as a career. Instead of relying on an “all in” punt, treat startups as a learning experience. Some will fail but failures will help you learn. Working a regular job as well can fund this learning – and will probably inspire you for the startup “in you” that will succeed.

How To Land Fortune 100 Brand for a Startup

Big events / conferences are almost always a big failure for startups looking to win big new deals as an attendee. Here are some ideas for guerilla marketing – it takes guts, creativity, and hard work.

Case Study: 13 Pre-Launch Traffic Strategies for Startups

You have to make best use of your advantages. As a startup you probably can’t afford to spend much on advertising. But you absolutely should invest your time developing content, authority, and expertise.


“We are working hard finding amazing digital plywood furniture designs for our private launch in London. Drop your email below and when we are ready, you’ll be invited.”

5 Articles on Software Marketing

How to Dramatically Improve SEO

A lot of SEO time is spent on techniques like keyword-stuffing, worrying about rankings for specific keywords, and fretting over the next Google algorithm change. A safer and ultimately more successful approach is to focus on generating quality content that will attract, engage, retain, and convert customers.

Judging Websites

Jeff Atwood was faced with having to review hundreds of websites in his role as a competition judge. At first it seemed unfair to reach a decision after mere seconds. But then he realized that is exactly how it works in the real world.

Don’t be a Silicon Valley tourist – 5 marketing tips for startups from LinkedIn’s founding VP

Konstantin Guericke advises 1) be clear and consistent on your positioning 2) invest time on analytics 3) get customer feedback you can trust 4) build relationships by giving first 5) there are no sacred cows.

How I Quadrupled My Business in Less Than 10 Months by Blogging

Pepe Laja spent a lot of time developing great content on his blog – teaching people about conversion. It has been instrumental in his business taking off.

What Makes a Good B2B Online Video

Business-oriented videos tend to be dull and boring. See examples of videos that engage and tips for making effective B2B videos.

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