Software Marketing Tweetables 22 July 2013

Catch up on last week’s favourite articles featuring useful insights and tips for marketing your software

5 Articles on Product Marketing

Why Product Managers Need To Learn To Love Inbound Marketing

Content marketing is not just for the marketing team. Product managers should learn to embrace inbound marketing, it’s the ideal way to establish thought leadership and deliver valuable “meaty” content.

Proposal: Killing The Free Trial

Brennan Dunn is experimenting with dropping his free SaaS trial, trying a money-back guarantee instead. I had thought Brennan had previously tried freemium, but he corrected me – he recommends not using freemium.

How To Launch Anything

“Waiting until your product is finished before marketing it is a terrible plan. For most products, the marketing should start as — or even before — the product is being developed.”

Help! — My Product Manager Lost His Mojo

How to spot when a product manager is not on top of their game e.g. says “yes” more than “no”

Understanding Your Real Competitors

Don’t think of competitors as just your obvious direct competitors. You always have competitors for attention, money, time…

5 Articles on Startups

My product failed.

Classic Startup mistakes: “I built the entire thing before ever announcing it”, “I built a huge feature for my only customer”, “If it had @thisAmazingFeature, then I would buy it”

39 Actionable Growth Hacking Tactics – Part 1/5

Fantastic list of actionable (easy) ways to get more early customers.

Do Things that Don’t Scale

Startup founders, particularly those with an engineering background, worry too much about scalability. Embrace activities that don’t scale – address your core issues first (stickiness, cash flow…)

The Five Characteristics of An Ideal SaaS Company

Ideal SaaS for a VC is: B2B, self-financing, efficient, and has an obvious value proposition.

9 Tips to Conquer Startup Content Marketing

Content marketing is an easy way for startups to beat larger competitors – use honesty, openess, and novelty to appeal to your audience.

5 Articles on Software Marketing

Famous First Landing Pages (Updated)

See how all the massive internet giants started as scrappy startups. A great way to remind yourself that there is hope for every startup.

How to Know When to Sell vs. When to Market to Customers

If you’re selling to large enterprises, you have got to learn how they buy. This is one time where it helps to have worked in large companies.

Authentic Design

Design should be about clarity – making it obvious how people should use your software. Don’t try to impress by adding too much detail – strip away anything’s that purely ornamental.

5 unconventional ways to become a better writer (hint, it’s about being a better reader)

After your website, your emails are probably you’re most important marketing tool. Keep testing different aproaches.

5 Email A/B Split Test Ideas You Haven’t Tried

Improve your writing by reading more, reading widely, taking notes, and taking a stand.

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