Software Marketing Tweetables 21 November 2011

You can catch up on last week’s favourite articles featuring useful insights and tips for marketing your software

5 Articles on Product Marketing

Marketing Shenanigans

A sneak peek into the real world of a software company. Too much time is spent on internal battles, on politics. An insightful view into a dysfunctional marketing team.

Real-Life Story: Product Management Vs Product Marketing Not Working #ProdMktg

The Key To Long-Term Dominance? Marketing Fades, But Product Always Lasts

@jmskibsted argues that marketing is becoming less important and it’s all about the product now. I disagree, while customer experience is the most important factor, marketing is still key. It’s just that what we think of as marketing is changing.

Product-Based Marketing beats Price, Place, Promotion #ProdMktg

Long Roadmaps

While companies should always be flexible, the most successful companies have a long term vision. A strategy that takes them beyond the immediate, tactical development plans.

Longer Company Roadmaps More Valuable #ProdMktg

Focus on the problem, not the solution

Product managers should define what problem needs to be solved not design the solution. But they should describe the requirements in enough detail to ensure everyone’s on the same page.

Product Managers Should Not Design Solutions #ProdMktg

The New Software Pricing Model: Can the Older Giants Compete?

The large software companies have relied on expensive up-front software licences and annual maintenance contracts. But Software as a Service and freemium products are eroding their revenues.

Motley Fool on How Subscription Pricing Threatens Big Software Firms #ProdMktg

5 Articles on Startups

7 reasons for your startup to skip stealth mode

Stealth is essential for a few regulated industries, but for almost everyone else it’s a mistake. Exposure to the harsh reality of customers and the market is the only way to know if you have a business (and not just a technology toy for vanity’s sake).

Why Stealth Sucks for a Startup (with a few exceptions) #Startup

The Complete Guide To Freemium Business Models

There are a number of different types of freemium models you can choose from. Understand when freemium works and who benefits.

When Freemium Works #Startup

How cold calling (properly) works better than AdWords

Getting your first real customers is the hardest part for a startup. Cold-calling may seem really old-school, but it can very effective if you do it right.

Postmodern Approach to Gain Initial Startup Customers (Cold-Calling Really Can Work) #Startup

Lessons from Startup School 2011

Illustrated quotes from 12 giants in the startup world. Nice illustrations, Great wisdom shared.

Advice from 12 Startup Founders / Investors < Great Illustrations / Quotes #Startup

The Real London Tech Startups

The number of startups in London has dramatically increased recently. Duedil have plotter 250 tech startups in central London. Infographic shows dense cluster of over 100 near Old Street / Clerkenwell.

The London Startup Map [Infographic] #Startup

5 Articles on Software Marketing

The Growing Complexity Gap for CMOs

The highest priority for CMOs is analyzing vast quantities of data to understanding markets, according to an IBM survey. You might think customers and social media would be their top concern.

CMOs Invest in understanding markets to shape strategy, NOT in understanding individuals. #Software #Marketing

14 Simple Website Changes That Increase Conversion

Get more of your website visitors to buy, subscribe, download, or register. 14 marketing experts share quick tips that are easy to implement on your website to improve conversions.

Quick Changes to Improve Website Effectiveness #Software #Marketing

How Marketers Are Measuring ROI [Infographic]

Despite drowning under a flood of data, marketing teams are still struggling to understand which marketing investment deliver the best return.

Measuring Marketing ROI (Data is Mainly US) [Infographic] #Software #Marketing

Jedi Mind Tricks: 17 Lesser Known Ways to Persuade People

17 surprising ways you can be more persuasive. This is also a useful guide to help avoid people subliminally persuading you.

17 Ways To Be More Persuavive (includes links to research) #Software #Marketing

16 Quotes Visualized from The End of Business as Usual

Josh Duncan created a presentation using quotes that inspired him from Brian Solis’ book “End of Business as Usual”

16 Quotes Visualized from The End of Business as Usual #Software #Marketing

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