Software Marketing Tweetables 20 August 2012

Catch up on last week’s favourite articles featuring useful insights and tips for marketing your software

5 Articles on Product Marketing

Customer Pain – Are you treating the symptoms or the disease?

Talk to your customers and really understand why they use your software. You may only be scratching the surface of a bigger, more lucrative, problem to solve.

How Should You Market Your Startup? The Definitive Answer

Most marketing blogs talk about tactics that have worked for them. But you have different customers so you won’t get the same results. Do the work and understand what *your* customers need.

Stop Creating Explainer Videos, You’re Doing It All Wrong!

The value in a product “explainer” video is in the script. The visuals help keep people’s attention, but you should focus your attention on developing the words, the message that will convince.

Surviving & Thriving in Two-Sided Markets

Des Traynor explains the fundamentals in a 2-sided market. Advertisers are subsidizing the product used by consumers. Third parties e.g. developers are incidental (and liable to be neglected). He discusses the importance of positive network effects, pricing, and competition.

5 Articles on Startups

The 10 Principles of Lean User Experience

“These principles describe how best startup teams have always worked. By attempting to describe Lean UX, we hope the approach can be repeated, taught, and practiced deliberately to make startup teams more successful, more quickly.”

What Customers Say–and What They Really Mean

Scythe through politeness, learn how to tell when customers really love your idea / product. Never take feedback at face value, always take into account their perspective.

How to name your startup

Most startup founders and advisors consider a .com name to be a must-have. Joel Gascoigne believes finding a short name is more important, ideally two-syllables.

Need A Funny Video For Your Startup? The Experts At Vooza Just Might Be Able To Help

Switch video do sone great videos for startups. They have teamed up with a comedian that does very funny spoof videos, mocking pompous startup entrepreneurs.

If You Build It, They Won’t Give a @#$%

1) Your ideas are garbage 2) No-one hears your idea 3) Your friends can’t help you

5 Articles on Software Marketing

Twenty free apps to help manage your business

Great list of business-focused online apps. Includes a few you probably have not heard of.

Bashing The Competition!

Don’t “bash” your competitors. It is unprofessional. 1) You don’t know enough 2) You don’t want to disrespect your prospect for considering them, and 3) You want to spend time describing how YOU solve their problem.

Trending Stories

Marketing ideas for your eCommerce site using social media, video, contests, and technology.

7 WordPress Plugins to Grow Your Email Subscribers

List of WordPress plugins to encourage signups using popups, comments, forms, and design.

Advice I Wish I Could Have Given Myself 5 Years Ago

Sage advice from a startup founder. However, as any parent knows, kids have to learn by making their own mistakes. Help yourself – read this list.

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