Software Marketing Tweetables 2 January 2012

Catch up on last week’s favourite articles featuring useful insights and tips for marketing your software

5 Articles on Product Marketing

2011 In Review: Top Posts and Alike

Round-up of 2011’s best product management posts on Spatially Relevant by Jon Gatrell.

Top 2011 Product Management Posts #ProdMktg

How to use marketing research tactics to grow your startup

Neil Patel shares tips and tools you can easily use to research your customers and prospects. Including Urtak who bring a new dimension to surveys, by letting people add questions to the survey.

Web Tools for more Startup Customer Feedback #ProdMktg

“Product Training” is not “Sales Training“

The annual sales kickoff is usually over-crowded with corporate team trying to include too much. If your goal is sales training then focus on benefits, how to sell not product features.

Product Training is not Sales Training (Always a Compromise. Too Many Cooks) #ProdMktg

Top 10 Marketing Slideshares of 2011

Joshua Duncan’s list of favourite marketing presentations on Slideshare in 2011.

Top 10 Marketing Slideshares of 2011 #ProdMktg

How Product Marketing Can Help Salespeople Call Higher in the Organization

To gain access to customer executives, Sales needs to be equipped with business / industry knowledge and be able to help solve their business problems – not talk product features.

Product Marketing Helps Sales Call Higher in the Organization #ProdMktg

5 Articles on Startups

Freemium isn’t just for “Startups with Nothing to Lose”

Freemium is a great way to disrupt a market, whether you’re a startup or a leader wanting to raise the entry barrier for new players. But you must be realistic about the true costs of acquiring paying customers.

Freemium: Not Just for a Startup #Startup

Should Startups Focus on Profitability or Not?

Thorough article by Mark Suster analyzing the healthy tension between profitability and growth for a startup. Without a lot of funding, most startups won’t have the cashflow to support rapid growth.

When Should a Startup Focus on Profitability? #Startup

Startup launch hustle 101 for geeks

A non-marketer share experiences on hustling to some press coverage for their startup launch.

Startup Launch Hustle 101 for Non-Marketers #Startup

A New Years’s diet resolution for your startup site.

Faster web sites are more enjoyable to use, get more page views, repeat visitors, rank better on search engines… Some quick tips to improve speed for your site.

Put Your Website on a Diet #Startup

The Design We Built, and Threw Away for a Good Reason

Jeannie Nguyen shares her experience as a designer at a startup, including the painful decision to scrap the website design after months of work. As commenters point out, without testing there is no way to know which is better.

Why a Startup Discarded their Website Design (without data?) #Startup

5 Articles on Software Marketing

Online Marketing Tools by Bryan Eisenberg

Huge range of (over 150) tools that improve websites, improve marketing efforts and make marketers’ lives easier. Includes over 100 free tools. Organized in ~20 categories.

Great Resource. List of 150 Online Tools for Marketing (100+ free) #Software #Marketing

Could These 7 Simple Low-Cost Marketing Tips Save Your Bacon?

The best marketing is simple and effective. Timo Jäppinen presents a quick summary of his approach to marketing strategy.

Essential Low-Budget Marketing #Software #Marketing

Inbound Internet Marketing Blog

Website analytics packages present dozens of metrics. Pamela Vaughan explains which ones are important, what values you should expect, and how you should use them to adjust your marketing.

The Website Metrics that are Useful? 1) Explainations 2)How to Use #Software #Marketing

17 Lessons Seth Godin Can Teach You About The NEW Marketing

Seth Godin is the marketer’s marketer. He constantly generates pearls of marketing wisdom. Dan Martell has pulled together 17 of Seth’s best to educate and inform you.

17 Lessons Seth Godin Can Teach You About The NEW Marketing [2010] #Software #Marketing

The single most important marketing tool for your startup

KickoffLabs have focused their marketing strategy on providing great customer service and word-of-mouth. Customers should always be the priority, but maybe they should be doing more?

Customer Support: Important (but not only) Marketing Priority for a Startup #Software #Marketing

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