Software Marketing Tweetables 1 October 2012

Catch up on last week’s favourite articles featuring useful insights and tips for marketing your software

5 Articles on Product Marketing

12 Surprising A/B Test Results to Stop You Making Assumptions

Examples of counter-intuitive changes that improve landing page conversions – and why they work.

How Do Startups Identify the Competition?

Don’t just look at direct competitors, look for other ways customers currently address the problem. Useful list of resources at end.

Why $1 Trials are a bad idea for SaaS apps

Lincoln Murphy argues that $1 trials are not effective for B2B – you still need to prove value before earning trust to give credit card details.

How to get statistical confidence from your tests with small amounts of data.

A big difference will become apparent even with small traffic volumes. If the difference is small, don’t wait – test something else.

The Product Marketing Podcast #16 – How Well do you Really Know your Customer?

Joshua Duncan, Scott Sehlhorst and Saeed Kahn podcast on how to gather the voice of the customer.

5 Articles on Startups

Building a Software Business on the Weekend

Dan Shipper has been coding since he was a kid. He has learnt not to be a perfectionist, build enough to see if people want it (MVP). “Are You a Perfectionist? Get Over It”

“Stealth mode” and other f’ing brilliant strategies

Jason Cohen employs sarcasm to tear apart some of the old ways to develop a software business.

32 Business and Life Lessons: What I Learned Running Companies on 4 Different Continents

Peep Laja is an excellent marketer. He charts his career path from a sales employee, around the world to decide what he really wants and starting his own business.

3 Ways to Rock Your Side Biz While Working Your Full-Time Gig

A side business is a great way to test the waters before quitting your full-time job. Pick a time of day that you are at your most productive and dive in.

Why Do You Want To Have A Startup?

Joca Torres on how not all startups are not about astronomical financial success. Most startups do not exit with £100M+ deals, but they can offer a better work style, higher levels of satisfaction, independence and social benefits.

5 Articles on Software Marketing

10 Examples of Awful Software Marketing

A post I wrote in 2011 with examples of how NOT to market your software.

5 Ways to Improve Your Contact Form Conversion Rate

Improve your contact forms to get more leads by 1) fewer fields 2) create trust 3) provide help 4) reduce friction 5) design for mobile

Virally – Social media content marketing

Virally is a new service in beta that reduces friction for your lead generation. Ask people login via Facebook or Twitter instead of filling in your contact form.

10 Ways To Increase The ROI Of Your Thank You Page

Don’t just thank a prospect for completing your form, use the opportunity to ask for more information, provide them with additional content, or ask them to share via social media.

Will You Pass the Flinch Test?

Experienced buyers will always flinch when you tell them the price. It’s a negotiating tactic and you should not respond by discounting.

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