Software Marketing Tweetables 19 November 2012

Catch up on last week’s favourite articles featuring useful insights and tips for marketing your software

5 Articles on Product Marketing

Can enterprise SaaS products be viral?

Yammer is probably the best example of an enterprise product spread virally. Building social / collaboration into the product can be a great way to gain footholds and reduce lengthy sales cycle.

9 Website Strategies (Besides Testimonials) for Proving Your Way to More Sales

Establishing credibility is important for any website, but it’s essential for selling online. Add reviews, awards, press coverage, case studies, research papers, guarantees, and professional design.

23 Tips on How to A/B Test Like a Badass

Run an A/A test to see how accurate your A/B testing is. Then keep testing how you can reduce friction and convert more website visits. Good checklist with dozens of ideas to test.

Do people understand your landing page?

Kickoff Labs are offering a special deal with a couple of startups that will improve your landing pages.

First Impressions Matter: The Importance of Great Visual Design

Websites that appear simple to understand attract and appeal website visitors in the blink of any eye. Faster in fact. High quality design establishes a willingness to listen and to want to be convinced.

5 Articles on Startups

How to Simplify Lean Startup for Accelerators

Lean Startup boils down to 1) Find a problem worth solving – customers willing to pay 2) Test a minimal solution – customers willing to use

Why tech founders can’t hire in early salespeople

“early stage sales isn’t about making money. It’s about finding out what people care about and figuring out what the sales roadmap looks like”

10 steps to avoid startup suicide (death by 1000 feature requests!)

Effective product management leads to less code. Focus clearly on the strategic vision and core users. Don’t build excess functionality around the edges. Only build stuff people really want, and if it is not used remove it.

The Two or Three Things You Need to Raise Capital

VCs are far more likely to invest in your start up if you have past success, an unfair advantage, clear vision, and existing traction. The more you have the better.

The Highs and Lows of Side Projects

Side projects are a great way to test your idea and see if the entrepreneurial lifestyle is for you, while you have a day job to pay the bills. But don’t keep it going as a side job too long, jump-in or bail out.

5 Articles on Software Marketing

20+ Awesome, Free Resources for All Content Writers

Content marketing is hard work. Here are some useful resources to help you improve the quality of your content and reduce the time involved.

The No Hype Guide To Video Marketing on YouTube

Ideally you’ll want to master storytelling, editing, composition, networking, and SEO to produce the best results on YouTube. Good news is you don’t have to master them all to get results.

5 Powerful Ways to Track your Marketing

Dan Norris has been writing a great series of posts in advance of his startup launch. They are great examples of how to do content marketing, as well as being excellent resources for learning how to measure marketing effectiveness.

8 Services to Use and Monitor to Make Better Decisions

Another great article by Dan Norris.

SaaS Metrics: The Ultimate Guide to Building a Business

Mark MacLeod explains the most common terms used in SaaS / Startups metrics. A great cheatsheet.

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