Software Marketing Tweetables 19 March 2012

Catch up on last week’s favourite articles featuring useful insights and tips for marketing your software

5 Articles on Product Marketing

The Most Important Thing You Can Do At A Trade Show

At a trade show, you’re competing for attention. But too many vendors fail at the most basic step. Make it very obvious and very clear what your software does.

The Most Important Thing You Can Do At A Trade Show #ProdMktg

Know Your Customers and How They Decide

To influence customers’ decisions, you need to understand the decision-making process. Customers can decide quickly or slowly, and their decisions will be guided by facts or by emotions.

How Customers Decide #ProdMktg

Tips for Creating Effective Email and Landing Page Content

1. Personalize content to suit differing interests. 2. Build a relationship. 3. Track and test

Tips for Creating Effective Email and Landing Page Content #ProdMktg

Infographic – effective Email call-to-actions

How to get more “clicks” on your emails and how not to.

What makes the perfect email call-to-action (CTA)? #ProdMktg

Iterative Path

Simpler pricing plans are more effective. The absolute worse type of pricing plan is one that is illogical. By creating doubt and uncertainty it will deter almost all buyers.

From 3 Pricing Plans to 1. Simpler = Better #ProdMktg

5 Articles on Startups

Surf Roots, Software Thoughts

I have worked in large software companies and small startups. They are very different. If you make the change be prepared for a huge culture shock.

Working at a Startup is Very Different #Startup

The Startup Curve

Startups are a rollercoaster ride. Progress is not a smooth upwards curve.

The Startup Curve “Get on with it” LeanStartup & Simplicity Works #Startup

3 Tips for Startups Making Videos

Vsnap is a startup that makes it easy for you to send short customized videos. 3 Tips to increase response rates.

3 Tips for Startups Making Videos #Startup

Lean Startup and Big Vision Are Not Diametrically Opposed

Lean does not mean low-quality. Lean does not mean limited. Lean does mean learning what will work in the market before throwing lots of money building and marketing it.

LeanStartup and Big Vision Are Not Diametrically Opposed #Startup

The most awesome startup I have ever seen

As a startup, you can have a lot of fun being innovative. Including location. Makes sense if the culture / passion translates into business value.

Great Green Startup #Startup

5 Articles on Software Marketing

Extreme Homepage Makeover: How to Increase Your Conversion Rate 106%

Biscom improved their home page and doubled conversion. They added: a clear descriptive headline, obvious call-to-action, and meaningful graphics.

Software Vendor Improves Homepage Conversions 106% #Software #Marketing

Key to Free Trial Success? Switch from Reactive to Proactive

A free trial is your opportunity to market to your prospects. Don’t just sit back and wait for the trial to end.

Why SaaS Startup Vendors Need Proactive Marketing on Free Trials #Software #Marketing

4 Hot Analytics Trends That Are Effective And Profitable

Why you should use analytics for 1) customer feedback 2) search and social 3) URL shortener 4) A/B testing

4 Types of Analytics that Help Your Marketing #Software #Marketing

Shorter Free Trial Length: Causation vs Correlation

The length of your free trial may affect conversion rates. But be careful you are really measuring cause & effect.

Do Shorter Free Trials Web App Perform Better? #Software #Marketing

Shorter Trial Periods

Kashflow reduced the length of their free trials as they had found that 60 days was so long that some people were forgetting about them. Shorter trials seem unpopular with commenters.

Shorter Trial Periods @KashFlow from 60 days to 14 #Software #Marketing

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