Software Marketing Tweetables 19 August 2013

Catch up on last week’s favourite articles featuring useful insights and tips for marketing your software

5 Articles on Product Marketing

95 Ways to find your first customers

Long, long list of tactics to find your first customers – the opposite of strategic marketing – these are very “hacky” and quick ideas. Useful for customer discovery and first 100 customers.

13 ways to master UX testing for your startup

Tips from founders and product managers on usability testing. If you only take away two ideas 1) test your onboarding experience from a new user’s perspective 2) simplify everything.

What happens when Google offers your product for free?

If Google does bring out a free version of your product, you can give up or embrace the opportunity. You’re the specialist, let them expand the market while you focus on delivering a superior *differentiated* product.

5 Steps to $5,000 in Monthly Recurring Revenue

Useful example of a startup getting traction by focusing on a problem. It helps that they were similar to their target audience.

How I increased conversion 2.4x with better copywriting

Forget all those A/B testing studies that find a 5% conversion rate uplift by changing a button color. Make big bold changes to see a difference.

5 Articles on Startups

What Entrepreneurs Need to Know About Coding

In a tech startup you really need at least a basic set of coding skills. There is a vast spectrum from writing simple HTML, complex Excel formulae through to expert software engineers. Even a small set of skills will help you understand and contribute.

Interview with Brian Murray from Yammer about Lean Startup and using Minimum Viable Products

How Yammer product managers and user experience designers apply lean startup to launching and improving products.

From a MailChimp email and Wufoo form to $25k in 3 months

So long as you’re learning, you gain even if your startup fails. Big lessons: 1) Simplify 2)launch early.

57 startup lessons

A lot more startup lessons here. As a marketer, I think this list downplays the importance of marketing – but I’m biased.

How to Convince Investors

Securing investment is not about becoming a great pitch artist. Build a great product that people really need, show traction and explain really clearly.

5 Articles on Software Marketing

Hacking Content Marketing: How a Parking Ticket Turned into 40,000 Customers

Tripl got a lot of press exposure by “hacking” an event for VCs. Placing fake parking tickets on luxury cars near the event got them a lot of coverage.

Help! My SaaS isn’t growing!

Amy Hoy realized she needed to shake up her startup, stop tinkering and make *big* changes. Raising prices was easy, complete landing page rewrite worked well, more changes to come.

Practical Advice on SaaS Marketing

Only spend money on getting your message out there if you know that message really sells well. Start with customer development, confirm by testing messages, then testing channels, then spend real marketing budget.

7 Utterly Useful Mobile Apps That Help Redefine Marketing

Direct marketing or interruption marketing is unlikely to be effective with your target audiences any more. Using content marketing to educate your audience is the main form of indirect marketing or you could create mobile apps that are genuinely useful for your prospects.

Get More Conversions NOW – Funnel Optimization 101

Introduction to the idea of a marketing > sales funnel and how to improve conversions.

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