Software Marketing Tweetables 18 November 2013

Catch up on last week’s favourite articles featuring useful insights and tips for marketing your software

5 Articles on Product Marketing

Top Hacks from a PM Behind Two of Tech’s Hottest Products

Tips for Product Managers 1) Earn engineering’s team trust to speak for them 2) PM gets blame, team gets credit 3) do the boring stuff that moves things forward

Why “Simple” Websites Are Scientifically Better

Visitors should never have to learn how your website works or figure out what it does. Use web conventions so visitors are thinking about your message, your product, never your website.

Web Giants Threaten End to Cookie Tracking

Wall Street Journal on one of the thorniest product management problems. Google, Microsoft, and Facebook all fiercely compete for free users and monetize via advertising. Increasing privacy would increase users and hurt the competition but also hurt their advertising revenue – all to play for.

Manage Customer Success to Reduce Churn

In a commercial sales-driven world, making customers happy may seem naïve. Smart companies ensure customers are successful – think of them as an unpaid sales channel bringing in highly qualified deals and paying you for more.

The 10x Product Launch

This is absolutely the way to think about product launches. Forget 1 “big bang”, plan in chunks first 10 customers, then 100, then 1000… Use high-touch to start, it won’t scale but the learning is invaluable.

5 Articles on Startups

From Idea To Validation To 3,500 Users

How an introvert can start researching a startup idea without having to actually talk to people. Using online research to confirm need, competition, and then blogging to get initial audience.

Could we hatch a British Twitter?

Would Twitter have worked if launched in the UK? There are very few (if any) UK startups that have become household names. But Silicon Valley is losing its dominance – development, design, entrepreneurial, and design skills are spreading everywhere. And big VC money is no longer essential.

Why only fools write code first

Building code is fun and controllable. Don’t start there. The risk is almost always a market research. Find out what people will buy before any coding.

Startup Marketing is About Passion

“Armed with passion, startups can connect with target audiences because their sales and marketing activities are authentic and compelling”

Deconstructing PR: Advice From A Former VentureBeat Writer

PR myth debunking: you don’t need to be friends with journalists or hire a PR firm. Tips from a journalist on what you can do to make it easy for them to write a story about your product news.

5 Articles on Software Marketing

Diary of a programmer with no clue about marketing

“I built this thing over several years because I wanted it and thought others might want it too. Last week I launched it. So now after years of neglecting anything to do with marketing. I get it. Marketing is hard. So crushingly hard. Also I was incredibly naïve in thinking that the product was so good that the marketing would just snowball itself into action.” Hard lesson to learn.

How We Grew Our Blog to 5,000+ Subscribers in Five Weeks

Investing a lot of time and talent on your content marketing can pay off big time.

B-to-B Firms Need Content Marketing

Some more ideas on moving your content marketing forward.

How to Use the Persuasive Power of Mini-Stories in Your Sales Copy

Stories have proved to be the most effective form of communications / message for millenia. Think fables, legends, religion, culture… Stories engage at deeper level than facts and logical argument – you need your audience to feel something to create a strong memory.

7 Free Sales Tools to Help Close More Deals

Free tools you can use to help online prospecting for people to interview or pitch to.

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