Software Marketing Tweetables 18 February 2013

Catch up on last week’s favourite articles featuring useful insights and tips for marketing your software

5 Articles on Product Marketing

What can established businesses learn from Growth Hacking?

Enterprises can learn a lot from startup marketing. It’s not just being nimble. Every £$ is vital, so they are much more scientific. Don’t just measure traffic & revenue, get them to use your product more so they receive more value. Drive activation, retention, and referral.

A Short Guide to Surveying Your Customer Base

If you quickly throw survey questions together, your results may be useless. Focus on the decision you want to make then work back to answers and finally the questions. Then test questions on friendly guinea pigs.

Analyze This: 3 Techniques Every SaaS Product Marketer Should Know

Before wasting your entire day exploring numbers, step back and decide what you’re trying to achieve and how much time to spend.

Pricing your product: it doesn’t have to be so complicated

Product pricing debates can be endless. Start charging as soon as possible, it is the only way to learn. You can and should increase prices as you product improves. Offer multiple price points to maximize revenue and better serve different customer segments.

Product Managers Know Customers Don’t Buy When You Tell Them Too Much

Almost all technical products bombard buyers with too much information. It introduces friction into the buying process. Humans want clear simple easy decisions.

5 Articles on Startups

Just Started: Prompt Me Nina

Brilliant idea, app gives you hints to help you remember your different passwords. An inspiring 14-year old founder.

How I Make Customer Development Interviews Less Weird and More Natural

In UK (and most places outside Silicon Valley) customer development interviews seem awkward. Everyone expects a ptich. Great advice on how to make interviews more natural.

the lean entrepreneur

Brant Cooper and Patrick Vlaskovits wrote THE book on Customer Develpment. Well actually they turned Steve Blank’s book into a useful format for entrepreneurs. Their followup book is packed full of case studies and is highly recommended.

Our path to $1M in sales

Useful startup case study. Featuring a pivot and perserverance.

The Most Important Skill for a Non-Technical Startup Founder

Being able to write quickly and clearly is essential.

5 Articles on Software Marketing

Maximize a Product Launch with This PR Plan

A PR plan for a product launch when you don’t have a PR specialist or the money to hire one.

7 Tips That Will Actually Improve Your Customer Acquisition Efforts

General advice that can help your marketing.

Old tactics can still work for SaaS marketing

Depending on your target customer segment, traditional offline marketing can work e.g. tradeshows and direct mail. These can be very expensive so test thoroughly first.

Bare Minimum Content Marketing: 3 Things You Have to Do

Content marketing can be a massive commitment to do well. But if you can only spare a little these are the most important parts.

Holy Grail of eCommerce Conversion Optimization – 91 Point Checklist and Infographic

A massive compendium of tips and advice for any eCommerce site.

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