Software Marketing Tweetables 17 September 2012

Catch up on last week’s favourite articles featuring useful insights and tips for marketing your software

5 Articles on Product Marketing

Dear Product Managers, You Can’t Have it All

Building a great product requires defining what job your product does for people and focusing on doing that job really well. Specifically product managers need to be clear about what your product does not do.

Why Does Agile Work?

Bob Marshall argues that it is not enough to know that agile works, but we should try to figure out why it works.

Growth Hacking and B2B Startups

Product marketer April Dunford is looking for a better term to describe marketing at B2B startups. Growth Hacker seemed promising but seems too B2C focused and un-targeted.

99.4% Lift in Conversions by Tweaking 4 Basic Elements on a B2C Landing Page

Example of how to improve a landing page. Results data included.

How to Find Out What Customers Will Pay

How to use a customer satisfaction survey to find out whether your prices are too low.

5 Articles on Startups

Analysis of 20 Bootstrapped Startup Landing Pages

A startup has to get its landing pages right to succeed. Especially for SaaS and B2C startups. 20 examples reviewed.

Business Model Alchemist

Alex Osterwalder, the man who created the business model canvas, has created another canvas. This time to design and test value propositions.

It’s ‘Shocking’ That Startups Are Ignoring a $500 Billion Market

Jim Goetz, from Sequoi is shocked that most startups focus on consumers. Enterprises have big pains, and big budgets – but many startups don’t understand the enterprise world.

Find More Customers for Your B2B SaaS Product with These 5 Distribution Hacks

If you are a B2B startup and using a SaaS model then here are some great ways to drive growth. 1) integration 2) colleague emails 3) embed 4) powered by 5) free stuff.

Most startup founders would be better off ignoring UX

A small amount of UX makes a big difference, but then stop. Wait for real growth before trying to optimize UX.

5 Articles on Software Marketing

The deadliest pay per click sins

For efficient pay per click advertising 1) restrict use of broad matches 2) track conversions 3) check matched searches 4) landing pages 5) use ad extensions.

Blogging for Startups: 10 Essential Tips to Make it Work

Blogging has been a successful component of many marketing plans, especially for startups. It is a cheap way to showcase expertise, culture and build connections and traffic – and it is a long-term investment.

The Definitive Guide to Increase Rankings with These 4 Content Freshness Tips

Freshness is known to improve a site’s search engine ranking. Apart from constanly creating new content, you can update pages, add ‘stickier’ content, and get links from new pages.

How to Identify Your Online Target Audience and Sell More

The excellent Peep Laja on how to identify your target audience. And when you don’t have data, make assumptions and test them.

SaaS Apps Can Learn from Casual Game Engagement Techniques

Casual games build in ways to engage customers to complete a few early actions and derive benefits quickly. The same techniques can be applied in any software to increase adoption rates.

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