Software Marketing Tweetables 17 June 2013

Catch up on last week’s favourite articles featuring useful insights and tips for marketing your software

5 Articles on Product Marketing

Evolution of a Landing Page

An entrepreneur gets critical advice on his main landing page from experts on messaging, copy and design. Check the links to compare before vs. after.

Use Tiny Tests to Get Fast, Cheap Feedback on Your Product

You can get far more benefits from user testing and feedback if you get into the habit of doing it quickly and regularly. In-person testing is ideal for quality, but using services like Skype and is cheaper, quicker, and easier.

How Do You Compete Against Free?

Many large software firms have laughed off free offerings as being insignificant. Don’t be so arrogant, free is an important marketing weapon that you can use or have it used against you.

That’s Not Your Customer.

“As entrepreneurs, often there exists a temptation to please a customer – ANY and ALL customers. Especially all those people who AREN’T your customers”. Be disciplined about reducing features, not just chucking more and more in.

How do you create a product people want to buy?

Amy Hoy recommends not starting with your idea. Start with *Who* your customers are then *What* they need then *How* you can reach them.

5 Articles on Startups

How to 10x Your Growth if You’re a Startup with Early Traction

Mark Saldaña on not rushing into growth too soon, with a step-by-step guide for 4 phases. Make sure you are getting real traction with your early customers, then work on growth: 1) Qualify who your best customers are 2) Identify where they go 3) Access – how to get their attention 4) Automate for scaling up.

5 Free Startup PR Tools To Start Using Right Now

PR advice for startups on a low budget. A list of (well-known) free tools – with tips on how they can help you for PR.

11 Customer Development Anti-Patterns

Everyone makes some of these mistakes during customer development. Recognize your own faults and plan how to avoid.

Startup drugs

Getting funded can add a lot of pressure. Success or failure can be accelerated and out of this world. Bootstrapping is better suited for founders who want to keep their feet on the ground.

The Most Effective Price Discovery Question for Your Startup

Instead of asking people how much they would pay for your product – ask them to compare prices with alternatives and ask why they would spend more / less.

5 Articles on Software Marketing

Steal These Ideas: 5 Tech Companies Who Are Killing It With Content Marketing

Buffer, Hubspot, Kissmetrics, Moz, and Unbounce all chose to invest heavily in content marketing. They all regularly produce engaging, compelling content that has powered their growth.

What journalists can learn from content marketers: Q&A with Erin Scottberg

As content marketing is becoming increasingly important, people have to learn to write and produce marketing that is more educational and promotes ideas that indirectly promote their products.

Writing like it’s your job.

Writing (like coding) requires concentration. Tips on how you can plan to concentrate more and get more writing done.

17 Essential Content Templates and Checklists

A collection of templates and checklists to help your content marketing initiatives.

12 Marketing Tools You Should Know About

Podio’s own software is slick, modern, and collaborative – so it’s interesting to see what they publicly endorse as the software they use for marketing.

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