Software Marketing Tweetables 16 July 2012

Catch up on last week’s favourite articles featuring useful insights and tips for marketing your software

5 Articles on Product Marketing

The product marketing manager’s most powerful tool

Understanding why you won or lost large enterprise software deals is essential for a product marketer. Use the sales team’s win/loss reporting as an input, but your research must extend deeper as the sales team cannot be impartial.

What we should have said to PG

Everyone should be able clearly articulate what their startup does, who cares and why they care. Check the comments and you’ll see this startup is still not being clear enough.

We are working on a new product. Can you name it?

SolarWinds is a very interesting example of an enterprise software company that is breaking away from the traditional business model. Instead of investing in a sales force it is embracing its community as advocates. Hopefully this is the beginning of a trend.

How Product Marketing Can Thrive in a Content Marketing World

Content marketing and product marketing are closely intertwined. The big change for product marketers to embrace is to talk more around the topic – the problem space with only occasional references to your product.

Lean & agile 101 for Astute Entrepreneurs

Great slide deck showing how Agile and Kanban help establish a foundation for lean startup.

5 Articles on Startups

How do I balance user satisfaction versus virality?

Andrew Chen discusses features that help users vs. features that encourage viral growth e.g. users sharing with others. Building un-natural viral features just to promote your product is pretty spammy.

Enterprise Software Lessons: The Risk of Building on Someone Else’s Platform

Building a product on a platform like Facebook can be an attractive way to reach an audience. It simplifies your development and marketing but poses a strategic risk. The carpet can be pulled from under your feet at any time.

90 seconds VC pitches using the Business Model Canvas

LeanCamp in Dublin. Entrepreneurs practising their pitches and getting feedback. Interesting to be a fly on the wall.

7 Huge Mistakes to Avoid as a Lean Startup

Useful story as a startup founder reveals the mistakes they made during customer development and lean startup.

How do Lean and Agile teams deliver working code faster? A technical explanation for non-techies.

If you are not a programmer it can be hard to understand how much time is spent testing and delpoying every change you make. See how current best practices make development far more efficient and scalable.

5 Articles on Software Marketing

Three Free Keyword Research Tools

Google’s Keyword Tool is not the only free option. Try these before paying for better keyword research tools.

Enterprise Software Lessons: Does Freemium Really Works?

Freemium pricing models are a marketing tactic that seems alien for enterprise software. But it can work for easier products used by many people.

How To Market Your Startup With a Limited Budget

Marketing does not mean advertising. You should always start marketing a startup from the outset. Content marketing and SEO develop value cumulatively and the only expense is your time.

Rocket Watcher: Product Marketing for Startups

April Dunford argues that startups need a marketing plan to 1) document assumptions 2) keep people focused 3) confirm what is not being done

How to Use LinkedIn to Create Tight Buyer Personas

LinkedIn provides an invaluable resource – a directory of real business people with job titles you want to target. Use these to help develop realistic buyer personas.

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