Software Marketing Tweetables 16 January 2012

Catch up on last week’s favourite articles featuring useful insights and tips for marketing your software

5 Articles on Product Marketing

Product Marketing and Lead Generation in Enterprise Software Marketing

How product marketing *should* work with the marketing communications teams for lead generation.By Diego Lomanto.

Product Marketing & Lead Generation in Enterprise Software Marketing #ProdMktg

Software Product Marketing That Works (Part 5)

Professional, formal language does not impress, it’s less effective. Natural, simple, crisp phrases work best.

Software Product Marketing That Works (Part 5) #ProdMktg

Podcast #10 – Getting a Product Job

Podcast with Tim Johnson, Joshua Duncan and Scott Sehlhorst on how to get a job in product marketing or product management.

Getting Your First Job in Product Management / Product Marketing #ProdMktg

Groupon Wants You To Punish Derrick

Clever way to make unsubscribing a memorable, even positive experience.

Fun Example of Making Your Marketing Memorable #ProdMktg

What A High-End Boutique Can Teach A Product Manager About Marketing

Superior, customized service is a great way to differentiate from vanilla commodity products.

What Fashion Can Teach Product Management about Competing Vs Commodity #ProdMktg

5 Articles on Startups

FacileThings: The ultimate solution for true GTDers

There have been a lots of todo list apps, some have come close to effectively implement “Getting Things Done.” Is this the One?

This WebApp for GTD @FacileThings Looks Useful. Trying Beta #Startup

Four Innovation Insights Customers Provide

Learn how customers *really* use your software – it’s a great source for innovation.

Great article for Product Management on How Real Customers Help Innovation #Startup

Inbound Internet Marketing Blog

The “test everything” mantra can be taken too far.

What if You Could A/B Test EVERYTHING? [Cartoon] #Startup

How should a startup founder value her time?

Founders typically defer realistic earnings for years and take the majority of the risks. They should consider their time as worth $1000/hour.

How should a Startup Founder Value Their Time? #Startup

How to Handle Freemium and Free Trials?

You’re probably making a mistake if you’re offering both free trials *and* freemium. Pick one.

Does it make ever make sense to combine Freemium and Free Trials? #Startup

5 Articles on Software Marketing

The last 22 (part IV)

Huge list of websites are ruthlessly analysed by Peep Laja, with excellent advice.

22 Websites Analyzed with Great Advice on How to Improve #Software #Marketing

What I Learned From Reviewing 45+ Websites (Are You Making The Same Mistakes?)

7 main mistakes made by websites from poor value proposition to lack of testing.

Must Read to Dramatically Improve Your Website #Software #Marketing

How Trello is different

Joel Spolsky shares his experiences from his latest launch, including the special challenges for horizontal software.

One of the Greatest Startup founders @spolsky Shares @TrelloApp LeanStartup Experiences #Software #Marketing

Inbound Internet Marketing Blog

5 Landing Pages analysed. What’s great, what can be improved. But only testing can prove what’s best.

5 of the Best Landing Page (and how they could be even better) #Software #Marketing

The 2015 Digital Marketing Rule Book. Change or Perish.

The impact of social, mobile and cosnumerization on marketing have been massive over the last 3 years. Expect bigger changes.

Marketing in 2015. Change or Perish. #Software #Marketing

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