Software Marketing Tweetables 16 December 2013

Catch up on last week’s favourite articles featuring useful insights and tips for marketing your software

5 Articles on Product Marketing

The SaaS analytics lifecycle

The plethora of analytics tools and advice, like the data, is overwhelming for most people. Focus on what you need to make decisions now. Don’t waste time on aspects you think may come in useful later.

Price By The Pound: Pricing Strategies From Drug Dealers And Others To Help You Make More Money

Pricing is hard. There are many ways to structure your pricing. Several great examples of companies who use their understanding of customers to adapt pricing to align with customers’ motivation and increase revenue / cash flow.

When Customers Make You Smarter

Example that demonstrates importance of interviewing customers and learning how a market really works. This team learned an extra quantifiable benefit worth $1800 to their customers.

What’s an ideal ratio for product and marketing spend for a consumer Internet startup?

There’s no point spending a whole lot of money driving people to a product no-one wants to buy. Founders should initially be focusing on finding a problem worth solving, and then solving it. But it can really help to have those marketing skills within the team to test messages and gain an initial audience.

10 excellent video-embedded landing pages

Video as a prime asset for your landing pages. Draw inspiration from these media / brand examples.

5 Articles on Startups

The A to Z of what I learned in 5 months to $112,000 ARR

A whole lotta startup learning in one post. Alex McClafferty shares painful experiences, mistakes and actionable advice.

How to Negotiate Price Without Being a Jerk

The absolutely worst way to talk to an investor and how it should have been done. Read this before you negotiate price on a deal.

Why We’re Losing $300 Per User, Every Month

The purpose of a minimum viable product (MVP) is to prove demand, uncover how this business would really work. It does not need to be scalable at all. Usually it makes no sense building a full solution until you know customers will definitely buy.

The Wisdom Of The 20-Minute Startup

Another example of an MVP, using a creative way to avoid building a product until demand proven.

Why Worrying About Startup “Competitors” is Ridiculous

Rivalry between startups makes good stories for PR, but the reality is that you’ll both end up in very different places. Watch them, talk to them but don’t get stressed aboutyour competitors.

5 Articles on Software Marketing

How to Write a Great Email to a Cold Lead

Smart advice on how to write individual emails that will really work. Perfect for cold prospecting emails but also for any emails you send to busy people.

How GoToMeeting Reduces Churn

See how GotoMeeting have built in ways to reduce customer churn. Instead of just letting customers cancel, they offer softer options to stop for now or downgrade.

7 Content Marketing Myths Debunked

Content marketing is going through a hype phase. See which rumours you can safely ignore.

The Other C Word: What makes great content marketing great

The hype of content marketing means your content marketing will have to work that much harder to stand out from the crowd. Excellent slide deck.

Targeted Ads Without Retargeting

In the future we’ll look back and wonder why websites delivered the same information to everyone. We should be able to figure out what people want and adapt the content / ads / format to suit them – individually.

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