Software Marketing Tweetables 15 October 2012

Catch up on last week’s favourite articles featuring useful insights and tips for marketing your software

5 Articles on Product Marketing

The 5 Models Of Content Curation

Curating content is not just a way to help the best online content rise to the top, or to garner attention for the curator. By cataloguing and organizing content, curators are effectively creating an index to bring related content together.

What Facebook, Amazon, Google and can Teach Us about Product Naming

The best product names are simple, descriptive, short, clear and memorable.

Demos, Founders and Marketers

“If there’s one thing about founders that is hard to replace, it is the passion they have for their product.”

Customer Segmentation: A Guide to Adding Customer Focus by Differentiating Your Customer Base

Most marketers are taught that customer segmentation is about demographics: age, location, income, gender… That is largely irrelevant for B2B. Company profiles like industry can be helpful, but the most useful segment are based on needs – what people are trying to achieve.

Is your market actually big? Or is it a fake market?

The VC-based funding model encourages unrealistic claims for market size. VCs have no interest in small, focused markets, they actively encourage startups to aim for massive markets even if it means devising fictional ‘fake’ markets that have no bearing on reality.

5 Articles on Startups

Why Startups Die

Andrew Montalenti believes VC-funding is a major contributor to startup failures. Along with co-founder clashes, stubbornness and growing too fast.

Highlights On The Business of Software (2012)

Business of Software is a excellent conference for startup founders and product pros to learn from each other. Good precis of each talk.

Very Basic Startup Marketing

Rob Go explains the 3 key elements of startup marketing are 1) Awareness: How people first hear about your company. 2) Conversion: Getting people who are aware to take action 3) Raving Fans: Getting customers to love you and be evangelists.

Beautiful Design in a Lean Startup

Designers in a lean startup have to stifle their natural desire for perfection. They must prioritize and move on. Done is better than perfect.

I have 1 year of savings, so I’m giving this startup thing a try…

Ben Yoskovitz warns against giving yourself a year to make a success of your startup. It’s great to start with a year’s savings but give yourself a much tighter deadline – otherwise you’ll drift and eat up all that time.

5 Articles on Software Marketing

Don’t Panic – Email Marketing is Alive and Well [Infographic]

Email marketing is alive and well. It still works. Facts claimed by iContact include: Average ROI = 44x spend on email marketing, Consumers receiving email spend 83% more.

A Crash Course in Information & Visual Design

A quick intro on design, introduces the main topics. If you’re not interested, you’ll probably want to hire a designer.

Peldi Guillizzone – Coding is the Easy Part

Peldi Guilizzoni is an ideal role model for any entrepreneur. He is exceptionally well grounded. He has deliberately grown his startup Balsamiq slowly and profitably. He shares his sage advice here.

90 Things I’ve Learned From Founding 4 Technology Companies

Jason Goldberg @betashop, founder of, is another founder who is very generous in sharing practical advice for startups that he learned on his path to success.

6 Ways to Add Twitter to Your WordPress Site

You can easily add individual tweets into WordPress and your timeline, follower and tweet buttons, import tweets as comments…

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