Software Marketing Tweetables 15 April 2013

Catch up on last week’s favourite articles featuring useful insights and tips for marketing your software

5 Articles on Product Marketing

Software Companies Can Gain Competitive Advantage By Making Their Pricing Value-Based

Pricing should be fair and simple. Forrester’s Duncan Jones advocates value-based pricing – which may be suitable if you can measure the business value.

Expensive is Better than Cheap When it Comes to Pricing

Charging more for your software has many advantages. You can afford to provide great support, spend more on customer acquisition and to send a signal that you are positioning your software as a premium product.

Is This Common Pricing Mistake Costing You Sales?

And don’t have just one price. Different prices means people buy more.

Get Over Yourself

Sure, product managers and product marketers want to talk up how great their software is. Stop. Look in from the outside if you want anyone to listen.

Voice & Tone

MailChimp are one of the best examples of setting a light-hearted tone throughout the entire user experience. This guide is given to anyone writing copy for MailChimp and shows how they cay carefully adjust the voice and tone to suit what the person is likely to be feeling at that time.

5 Articles on Startups

The *real* pivot

Trying something and failing then trying something else is not what Lean Startup means by a pivot. If you develop a hypothesis and then prove it’s true or prove it’s untrue and decide you have to change one part of your business model because of what you learned, then that is a pivot.

Why are we so bad at predicting startup success?

The percentage of genuinely successful startups is very small. So ignore VCs and “experts” who try to find patterns. Everyone’s expertise is limited to a small area and some anecdotes. The only reliable method is find a problem people care about and apply the build > measure > learn loop.

Quit Selling on What You Provide. Sell Based on What the Customer Gains.

“Your entire focus as a salesperson is in understanding what the customer’s needs are and finding a way for you to help them deal with their needs.”

How to Get Better Feedback

Unless you try, most feedback comes back as “well done. That’s great…”. For actionable, effective feedback you have to work at it. First tell them you want real feedback not bland compliments. You value their opinion and want their help. Ask them to be blunt and ask specific questions on how it could be better. Afterwards thank them – never argue / justify.

Running Marketing Experiments with Purpose

Modern marketing is all about running experiments. To do this properly you must document your experiment in advance. What your hypothesis is, how you will measure and when you will stop the experiment.

5 Articles on Software Marketing

Easy way to set up a product tour for your web application in 15 minutes.

Why I Don’t Care About You: Common Errors With About Us Pages

Your “About Us” is probably the second most visited page on your website. But don’t be fooled they want to hear about you, your history, hobbies blah blah. They just want to know “why” – why should they trust you, why are you doing this…

6 Ways To Send Emails Your Customers Will Love

Chris Hexton is an email marketing expert. See how you can use segmentation, automation, activity, testing, simplification, and free knowledge to create emails people will really want.

20 Awesome Homepage Examples to Inspire Your Next Redesign

Great home page examples to draw inspiration from – spanning multiple industries and design styles.

Keeping your home page clean

Multiple stakeholders usually want their own piece of the prime real estate. Then compromise results in a crowded home page. You must avoid this, get buy-in for a crisp spacious home page in advance.

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