Software Marketing Tweetables 14 May 2012

Catch up on last week’s favourite articles featuring useful insights and tips for marketing your software

5 Articles on Product Marketing

The Secret Behind the Success of the DollarShave Video

Dollar Shave Club launched with a brilliant video. This is a truly brilliant example of product marketing. It is pitched perfectly at the customer’s problem, appealing to their need at an emotional level. Even better the humour helps its virality.

Why That DollarShave Video Worked So Well | World-Class ProdMktg #ProdMktg

Self-Service SaaS is the future

Building Your Products around Self-Service is very smart strategically. Not only are you avoiding sales costs, but you can measure how customers want to buy.

Self-Service SaaS is the future #ProdMktg

The 5 Numbers that Actually Matter

In the startup world, Dave McClure’s metrics Acquisition Activation Retention Revenue and Referral are well-established. But they work just as well for established software vendors, far better than focusing on numbers that don’t tell you anything useful.

The 5 Numbers that Actually Matter #ProdMktg

What You Will/Won’t Learn from Usability Testing

Cindy Alvarez explains how valuable usability testing is, but reminds you that by being there with the user there are several aspects you are not testing.

Good info here » What You Will/Won’t Learn from Usability Testing #ProdMktg

The 2 Most Important Words in Marketing

For any marketing message, collateral, offer, email… anything keep asking “So What?” why would a customer care.

What are the 2 Most Important Words in Marketing? #ProdMktg

5 Articles on Startups

Founder Centric

Excellent course for startup founders run by Salim Virani in London. I was lucky enough to attend pilot in March/April. New setup looks even better. (use promocode = bootcamp)

Londoners, Excellent Course for Startup Founders. Starts May #Startup

The Lean Entrepreneur

Brant Cooper, Patrick Vlaskovits, and their first book have played a major part in the success of customer development. I have pre-ordered “The Lean Entrepreneur” and I am looking forward to publication day.

Pre-Order “The Lean Entrepreneur” @brantcooper @Pv #Startup


The only place real knowledge lies about your customers and your market is outside the building. Get out more.

Dilbert has learnt @sgblank CustDev lesson “Get Out of The Building” #Startup

How do I stop “analyzing” and pick between two good choices?

Our brains work at many levels. We can rationalize almost any decision. Deep-down we know what we want to do. To surface that, flip a coin. The result is irrelevant, the act of flipping will help you decide.

How to Decide: BootStrapping or VC? by @ASmartBear #Startup

The #1 Reason You Will Never Quit Your Job

Many people dream of quitting their 9-5 jobs. There is more to life than corporate drudgery and commuting. But the risk of losing a comfortable life holds most people back.

Quitting the Day Job. Jumping is Scary #Startup

5 Articles on Software Marketing

A Better Business Model Canvas

Alexander Osterwalder’s Business Model Canvas is a great way to set out all key compenents of a business model – the heart of a company’s business strategy. Explorics offers a variant they prefer, but I prefer Ash Maurya’s Lean Canvas.

A Better Business Model Canvas #Software #Marketing

The Noob Guide to Link Building

A comprehensive 6-month guide to online marketing. How you can build links to your website without resorting to black hat techniques that Google may penalize you for.

Excellent » 6 Month Plan for Building Links to Your Site (not Ads or BlackHat) #Software #Marketing

What The Highest Converting Websites Do Differently

4 techniques that the best converting websites use: 1) clear value proposition 2) test calls to action 3) test headlines 4) short forms.

How To Improve Website Conversions #Software #Marketing

How to Get More Sign-Ups for Your Software Trials and Demos

Simillar to increasing conversions above, 3 techniques to get more signups for your software: 1) clear benefits 2) keep it simple 3) include a video.

How to Get More Sign-Ups for Your Software Trials and Demos #Software #Marketing

Software Companies Lead in Corporate Blogging

Only 20.5% of surveyed mid-market technology companies have a corporate blog… however, software companies, particularly smaller ones, are far more likely to have an active blog.

Software Vendors Are Most Active Bloggers In SME #Software #Marketing

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