Software Marketing Tweetables 14 January 2013

Catch up on last week’s favourite articles featuring useful insights and tips for marketing your software

5 Articles on Product Marketing

10 Favourite Product Marketing Articles of 2012

Throughout 2012, I shared hundreds of blog posts and articles on all aspects of software product marketing and product management. The 10 most popular (as measured by clicks) are:

Here’s what I learned hanging out with Jason Fried

Excellent advice for any product professional. “When we make a sale, we want it to be because the copy addressed customer pain and offered a solution they could connect with on an emotional level. We don’t want to make a sale because a customer is smart enough to swim through a list of features he doesn’t care about, and come up with a reason to pay money on his own.”

Want to be a better product manager in 2013? Start here

Josh Duncan recommends a new year’s resolution for product managers in 2013. Start really using Quora.

Product Managers in Startups: What’s their Role?

Typically, product management at a startup is done by a founder. Ben Yoskovitz does a great job summarizing what product management is and what it means for a startup.

What’s the Best Way to Announce a Price Increase?

Managing price increases takes careful planning. Poor execution can be very painful.

5 Articles on Startups

10 Favourite Startup Articles of 2012

Throughout 2012, I shared hundreds of blog posts and articles on startup entrepreneurship, especially customer development, lean startup and metrics. The 10 most popular (as measured by clicks) are:

The only 2 ways to build a $100 million business

Stating there are only two ways to grow a business to $100M is sure to start a discussion. In addition to 1)high lifetime value and 2)viral, 3)Inbound marketing is suggested in the comments.

Here’s Why You Should Launch Your Startup Project Faster

Launch faster to: keep focused, start revenue flow, redce costs and most importantly start learning from real customers.

Validation: Entrepreneurs Can’t Thrive on Compliments

“While compliments are nice to have, only money and hard metrics can truly validate your idea” Compliments from friends and family are probably worse than useless.

Desperately Seeking Startup Skills: Where Highly Sought-After Folks Hang Out

Tips from TechCrunch on where to find: designers who code, startup sales / marketing experts, and rockstar developers.

5 Articles on Software Marketing

12 Tips for Transforming Your Marketing Team Into A Content Powerhouse

The start of a new year is the perfect time to stand back and reassess your content marketing. Check alignment with strategy, what audience and actions are you driving.

11 Things People Believe – But Shouldn’t

Peep Laja dispells many common marketing myths. Another reminder on why you should always be testing.

10 Favourite Software Marketing Articles of 2012

Throughout 2012, I shared hundreds of blog posts and articles on software marketing, including generating traffic, SEO, PPC advertising, improving conversion, tools and metrics. The 10 most popular (as measured by clicks) are:

Don’t Sell Solutions to Universal Problems

Too many startups confuse big vision and trying to solve universal truths. Big vision is important. You need a lofty, change-the-world type goal. But claiming you’ll solve a universal problem is usually an indication that you don’t understand the real problems at-hand.

What the Google SEO Guide Doesn’t Tell You

Great introduction to SEO. For most business you don’t need an SEO specialist – just a basic understanding.

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