Software Marketing Tweetables 13 February 2012

Catch up on last week’s favourite articles featuring useful insights and tips for marketing your software

5 Articles on Product Marketing

Why Do Products Fail?

Scott Selhorst looks at main reasons why products fail from a product management perspective. He uses an Ishikawa diagram as a visual tool for organizing root cause analysis.

Great ProdMgmt Article » Why Do Products Fail? #ProdMktg

5 tips for getting your competitive research program going

Nikki Gore describes how to organize your competitive research program. While it never makes sense to get obsessed by your competitors, it is normally valuable to have some groundwork and basic monitoring in place.

put away the Kool-Aid… smart people work there too +more competitive research tips #ProdMktg

Listen to Your Community, But Don’t Let Them Tell You What to Do

Jeff Atwood typically focuses on coding. But in this reflective post he discusses why feedback is so important, what to ignore, what to use, and why just listening and responding is valuable.

90% of feedback is useless. 10% is awesome #ProdMktg

Meet John, the Product Marketing Manager

David Daniels from Pragmatic Marketing shares what life can be like for a product marketing manager at the bottom of a large marketing organisation.

Insight into the life of a Product Marketing Manager #ProdMktg

One Thing You Must Understand to Sell Software

Post I wrote in April 2011. The one fundamental aspect to software, to marketing, to any business is always your customers.

One Thing You Must Understand to Sell Software #ProdMktg

5 Articles on Startups

5 Considerations Before You Launch That Online Start-Up

Great ideas and enthusiasm are not enough for a successful business. Do you have the attitude and stamina? are the circumstances right? and most importantly have you tested customer demand?

Want to Launch a Startup? 5 Issues to Consider #Startup

Startup dudes: Cut the sexist crap

Dan Shapiro takes a stand. Startups and the whole tech scene are male-dominated. It’s the 21st Century, if you are making sexist or racist comments, you are making yourself look really, really dumb.

Startup dudes: cut the sexist crap #Startup

Three Magic Numbers

VC Brad Feld, urges companies to work out which are the really important metrics and focus on just 3. As Eric Ries says if you look hard enough you can always find a chart that is trending up to the right.

A Startup should focus on 3 metrics not data porn #Startup

Simple online payments

UK based startup makes it easy & cheap for smaller business to accept regular payments in UK, just 1% transaction fee with £2 maximum. Much better for merchants than credit cards with expiry issues, 2-3% transaction fees, and monthly minimum fees.

Great to see UK Startup Innovation Ahead of US. @GoCardless online payments, no credit cards 1% fee #Startup

Lean startup metrics

Presentation on Slideshare by Stuart Eccles from his presentation at Lean Startup Machine London, where he explains how to pick and measure the most important metrics for your startup.

LeanStartup Metrics #Startup

5 Articles on Software Marketing

Products + Social = Better Products

Timo Elliott from SAP is hosting a panel on Products+Social=Better Products as a part of Social Media Week, in Palo Alto on 15 February.

Good to See EnSw Vendors like SAP willing to learn from Startup approach. Check out #Software #Marketing

The Pluses and Minuses of Using FREE as a Marketing Strategy

Should businesses and individuals use “free” as a marketing strategy for their digital or physical products? …a few disadvantages and advantages to consider.

Does *Free* as a Marketing Strategy Work? Pros & Cons #Software #Marketing

The Difference Between a Website that Turns You Off and One that Turns You On

Barry Feldman explains: When you start the conversation talking about yourself you turn people off. If they can bail, they do. The secret to turning them on is very simple, but so misunderstood. You talk about them. You employ the power of “you.”

YOU is the secret of effective marketing copy #Software #Marketing

User Experience is Not a Feature

Tristan Kromer is sick of signing up at landing page for startups running smoke tests. Even worse, they don’t follow up to learn from him as a self-selected potential customer.

Don’t throw away an opportunity to listen to a customer by arguing LeanStartup #Software #Marketing

Visual Studio Magazine

Developers, product managers, marketers, executives all have great ideas about products. But most of the time those ideas are meaningless because they don’t get out of the building and meet customers.

Why a Startup Must Talk to Customers #Software #Marketing

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