Software Marketing Tweetables 13 August 2012

Catch up on last week’s favourite articles featuring useful insights and tips for marketing your software

5 Articles on Product Marketing

The Enterprise Minimum Viable Product: Focus on Viable Instead of Minimum

Startups need to approach minimum viable products (MVP) differently if their customers are B2B. Unlike consumers, your users are not your buyers. Jesus Rodriguez argues that your products need to more complete, but you should still engage users as soon as possible.

Does dedicated innovation time work?

Many formal innovation programs fail. It is common for executives to sponsor time to generate new ideas, but rare to follow that up with real budget to execute.

How Customers Sculpt your Product’s Design

Knowing your customer should guide all your product decisions, including design.

The Power of Positivity in Your Landing Pages

Negative messages can be important to counter inertia and complacency, but to drive action positive messages are needed. Encourage action, paint a vision of what a solution can look like and convince them to take the first step.

9 Steps to a High-Converting Landing Page

Useful tips for landing pages. First is most important “Keep it Simple”.

5 Articles on Startups

The One Metric That Matters

Alistair Croll recommends every startup focuses on one and only one metric. The metric that matters most for your startup will depend whether your startup is: transactional, collaborative, SaaS, media, game, app…

Immovable furniture: The perils of disrupting an antique industry

Many startups aspire to disrupt traditional markets, not only must they compete with massive corporations, but these “industries have built up rules and regulations over decades and centuries of existence. Many of these rules are now depressingly outdated, and serve only to stifle innovation, ruin the user experience and perpetuate the status quo.”

What is a minimum viable product

Jun Loayza describes the benefits he’s seen launching his startup early. His minimum viable product (MVP) enabled: early users who believe in vision, rapid iteration, excellent customer service.

The problem with SaaS metrics

If your startup objective is to be acquired, then be aware that the company buying your startup may not understand or care about the metrics you use. While traditional metrics may not help you manage the early growth of your company, they could be useful later.

The Ultimate Guide to Startup Marketing

Renée Warren, Co-Founder of Onboardly, helps startups with PR. She has put together an excellent guide combining content marketing with PR.

5 Articles on Software Marketing

Being a Developer Makes You Valuable. Learning How to Market Makes You Dangerous

Just like engineers, the best marketers… “do enormous amounts of research, are systematic and methodical, they apply known facts and patterns… measure results objectively, and they iterate.”

This Inexpensive Marketing Plan Can Lead to More Traffic, More Leads and Higher Customer Retention

Cheap, effective marketing plan: 1) Lead quality 2) Multiple inbound channels 3) LinkedIn groups 4) Don’t attend trade shows

3 Simple Analytics Tips To Bullet Proof Your PPC Conversions

A key advantage in using AdWords is that you can work backwards from what works and amplify. See what people were originally searching for and build more. More ads but also more content, messages, SEO keywords too.

This Is Your Brain On Boarding: How To Turn Visitors Into Users

Be clear what your software does, give new users and ideal first experience but also make it easy for your new users to explain it to others.

Marketing Is Dead

“Many people in traditional marketing roles and organizations may not realize they’re operating within a dead paradigm. But they are. The evidence is clear.”

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